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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Have a Great Spring Break and Project Directions!!!

Coach Durning and I wish you all a great Spring Break! Rest up, have some fun, and do some good studying! You will see overviews below and there will be some study guides and other assortedness posted in the coming days! Please be advised that when we get back we are going to hit the ground running! You will need to bring your A-games because we have a lot to cover before SATs and STAAR hit, so be prepared!!! No excuses please! Come in, get great work done, and then let's move on! Have fun and below I will post what the picture project directions!

Due Date: Mintz: Tuesday March 25 and Durning: Friday March 28, 2014.
Project Directions: Recreate a famous picture/moment from Chapters 13-18 (like we did last semester). Then using, or the photo editor of your choosing (i.e. Photoshop, etc), cut yourselves out and insert into the original picture (making it look like the original). Use whatever app to place both photos side by side and then you are done with this part.
Turn in Directions: I will put a link into Edmodo to turn in. Turn in the photo and the following mini-report - 1. Names of all group members, 2. Why your group choose this project (2-3 sentences), 3. How your group liked this version of the project vs. last semesters (2-3 sentences), and 4. Anything else your group would like us to know about the project or your effort. Thanks for your work and Coach Durning and I cannot wait to see the results!!! Email if you have any questions!!! Turn in through the Edmodo link, please do not email in. **Only email in the mini report if it proves to hard to turn in through Edmodo (I'm not sure if it will let you attach multiple things). The pictures must be turned in through Edmodo.

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