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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Upcoming This Week...

1. (Mintz's class) Make sure that you study for the Ch. 14 Test (study guide below) - and for the few of you who accidentally took that test, make sure that you study for the Ch. 13 Test.

2. The weather could be interesting (bad) on Tuesday. If anything occurs where we cannot take the test on Tuesday, it will be pushed back to Wednesday/Thursday.

3. We will most likely be done with Ch. 15 Notes, Graphic Orgs, and UMIs on Monday, so make sure you're good to go and make sure the highlighted page is completed (it will be due along with the other stuff). We will start up Ch. 16 right after.

4. The Ch. 15 Test will be on Tuesday Feb. 4, 2014. The study guide will be up shortly.

5. There are a few poll questions on Edmodo, please take literally the 2 minutes they take in total to complete because it will help Coach and I get ready for the laptops. Thanks!

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