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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Return of the Best Class(es) in the World!!!

Welcome back to BHS and US History!!! Coach Durning and I hope that you enjoyed your 1st semester and now its on to the 2nd! This blog will continue to be our main way to communicate with you online. You will find chapter overviews, study guides for exams, directions for the couple of projects we will do, and other assortedness to help you along the way with passing this class, passing the STAAR exam, doing well on your SATs, and any other success we can help you with!
Since you are receiving laptops this semester, this blog will be used much more (in and out of class). It is your responsibility to check and you will be held accountable for not checking (you will have plenty of in-school opportunities)! We know that this will be a long semester (w/ the laptops, STAAR, exams, extracurriculars, and life) and it will not be the easiest (for any of us). Come in, do the work, ask any questions that you may have, and ALL will be good. Failure to do the work 1st, then be crazy, will result in bad grades and hurt feelings, so let us all avoid! No procrastination, no classroom disruptions, no goofing off any more than is absolutely necessary! Coach and I are here for your success and nothing else this semester! We have too much at stake.
Your teachers are pulling for you big time and will do everything in our power to set you up for lots of success! It is your job to take control, make this yours, and do your absolute best! We will all be tired, busy, and more, there are no good excuses to not make this your most successful semester of your academic career!
For class you will need a binder (or folder w/brads and pockets), pens, pencils, highlighters, and paper. When you get your laptop, that will be required everyday as well (you will need less paper over time - we will discuss in class). You will also periodically need your textbook as well.
We hope you enjoy this semester and we wish you the best of luck! Do great work and make yourselves proud!!!

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