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Friday, January 24, 2014

Classes Cancelled/Laptops

Today classes were cancelled due to the icy weather. We will continue again next week with Mintz's classes taking the 14 test on Tuesday (study guide below) and continuing/finishing Ch. 15, then moving on to Ch. 16. Anything due today in Durning's class will now be due Monday (make sure any late work in turned in - ALL classes). Durning and I hope that you have a safe day, a fun (now) 3-day weekend, and see you all next week!

P.S. Mintz's classes - please know that I will be absent (for either all or just the afternoon - still deciding) on Friday Feb. 14, 2014. It is my Grandma's AND Dad's bdays and I need to fly to Motown. Most likely you will be finishing whatever we are doing and hopefully having a fun, relaxing day. I am sorry to be absent, I try really hard not to, but my family is forcing my hand on this. Just letting you know. This will hopefully my 1st, and only, day off this school year!

P.P.S. A future post will be dedicated to discussing the laptops but I thought I'd share these dates and news with you as our laptops will be given out this week. Email Mintz if you have any questions or need any info.
  • Due to the school closure today Bellaire has extended the deadline to turn in Student Laptop Agreements and $25 cash deposits to Monday, January 27th.  Students can turn these items in at lunch or after school in front of the auditorium. Students needing to learn more about payment options should see either their AP or counselor on Monday so that they can meet the initial deployment deadline.
  • Student laptops will be deployed next week on Thursday and Friday to students that meet Monday, January 27th's deadline to turn in their Student Loan Agreement and $25 cash deposit.
  • No Student Loan Agreements or deposits will be accepted Tuesday - Friday of next week (Jan. 28-31)
  • BHS will resume accepting Student Loan Agreements and payments beginning Monday, February 3rd.  Students turning in their forms and deposits after the initial deployment will receive their laptops as their paperwork and payment are processed.

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