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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ch. 13 Test Study Guide

**Just in case this is needed - online textbook info:; username: mslawrence; password: ushistory

1. Read over pg. 411 Building Social Studies Skills #s 1-4
2. Define demobilization
3. Causes of the 1919 strikes included: demands for higher wages and shorter work hours, hostilities towards unions, and rising prices and fears of job loss
4.Warren Harding: Offered a focus on domestic concerns and a return to normalcy in the 1920 election, even though his administration fell apart in the end
5. African American discrimination in the 1920s: 1st workers fired and dealt with threats and violence
6. Why did Mexican immigration increase when other immigration was slowed or halted?
7. Define the Red Scare
8. The US imposed immigration restrictions during the 1920s due to: A. Fear of foreign "radicals" causing unrest with workers, B. Belief that many immigrants were not adopting American values, and C.Anti-Catholic AND anti-Jewish prejudice AND hostility towards Eastern AND Southern Europeans
9. What is an example of a merger?
10. Define Palmer Raids
11. What would feminists fight for?
12. Define Fordney-McCumber Tariff
13. The effect of the American Plan on unions
14. Define census
15. Define Teapot Dome Scandal
16. The Red Scare followed which major world event?
17. Mergers and their effects on consumers
18. Define Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

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