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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting Ready for Finals Week! December 16-20, 2013

What an interesting 1st semester this has been! There has been a ton of good, some less than good, and a lot of learning and amazing work done in between! Now it is time for the last big thing of the semester: FINALS! So here are some helpful reminders as we embark on our last real day of the semester (Monday):

  • Make sure you are reading over your Final Review Study Guide
  • Make sure you go over the pages listed below (under the Written Finals post) to see some of the pictures, maps, and charts that you'll be encountering
  • The online textbook link is to the right and the username is mslawrence and the password is ushistory
  • Make sure that you ask any questions that you may have tomorrow
  • Make sure that all work is turned in that has been due
  • Make sure that you get as much rest as possible so that you feel good going into your exams
Your teachers wish you the best of luck this week and we hope you do great on your Finals!!! The progress that has been made this semester has been a joy to watch! Do great work, make yourselves proud, and have a great Winter Break! We will see you again January 7, 2014 (next year haha)! Be sure to periodically check the blog for updates about next semester! Have fun!

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