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Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays and Class Reminders!!!

I would first like to wish everyone happy holidays and I hope that you have a great break!!! We were all clearly in need of a little time off and I'm hopefully that everyone enjoys this time!!!

When we return we will be gearing up for our laptops, getting ready for STAAR (May), SATs (late April), and will start up our work in Chapter 13 (demobilization following WW1). We have a lot to accomplish before STAAR hits, so please keep in mind that we will hit the ground running and this semester will move quickly!!!

So how do you get ready? Make sure that you have your notes from 1st semester (they will be helpful when studying for STAAR), a binder or folder, pens and pencils, a highlighter, and your laptop. We will continue to do most everything we have done and will use the laptops (when they arrive) to enhance the great things that we are doing!!!

**If you have any trouble in coming up with the $ for the laptop - please let me know ASAP because I am happy to help those in need. These laptops are not perfect, this situation is not perfect, but they can help us ALL make mine, and many other, classes even greater!!! We will have access to things like never before! So please make sure you're good to go and just let me know if any assistance is needed!**

This semester there will be after school movies for extra credit. If you'd like to come watch a movie (that'll be covering something we are learning about) and write a paragraph about why it helped visualize the material - you can earn extra credit on the assignment of your choosing.

There will be more posted here in the coming days. The blog, and Edmodo, will both be heavily used this semester (in and out of class), so please check as often as you can! Have a great couple of weeks, rest up, have some fun, and get ready to learn a whole lot during our 2nd, and final, semester together!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting Ready for Finals Week! December 16-20, 2013

What an interesting 1st semester this has been! There has been a ton of good, some less than good, and a lot of learning and amazing work done in between! Now it is time for the last big thing of the semester: FINALS! So here are some helpful reminders as we embark on our last real day of the semester (Monday):

  • Make sure you are reading over your Final Review Study Guide
  • Make sure you go over the pages listed below (under the Written Finals post) to see some of the pictures, maps, and charts that you'll be encountering
  • The online textbook link is to the right and the username is mslawrence and the password is ushistory
  • Make sure that you ask any questions that you may have tomorrow
  • Make sure that all work is turned in that has been due
  • Make sure that you get as much rest as possible so that you feel good going into your exams
Your teachers wish you the best of luck this week and we hope you do great on your Finals!!! The progress that has been made this semester has been a joy to watch! Do great work, make yourselves proud, and have a great Winter Break! We will see you again January 7, 2014 (next year haha)! Be sure to periodically check the blog for updates about next semester! Have fun!

Monday, December 9, 2013

It's That Time: Written Final


DIRECTIONS: Write a 5 paragraph essay, along with an outline (to organize your thoughts) about something that we have learned about in Chapters 5-12. Either describe something/someone or make an argument about something that occurred (i.e. the Spanish-American War was avoidable, Businesses are/aren't destroying America, etc). Below is exactly what you need to do - please follow the directions but make this your own - full points are awarded to those who go the extra mile and show how creative you really are (i.e. not picking a topic you know a bunch of others are doing, using real world examples, and connecting the past to the present). Do great work and do not settle for mediocrity!!! Do not forget the other work that's due (Study Guide and Ch. 12 stuff - if you haven't turned it in already)!!!

Topic and Outline:
  • Select a topic from Chapters 5-12 (it can be anything from those chapters)
  • Write on a piece of paper and turn in (to make sure its bueno and for a easy 100)
  • Once your topic is OK'd, write an outline (can be any type of outline but you can follow the example right below this). The outline is for a daily grade.
Outline EX:
Intro: (3 bullet points)
Body 1: (3 bullet points)
Body 2: (3 bullet points)
Body 3: (3 bullet points)
Conclusion: (3 bullet points)

Write a 5 paragraph essay about your topic, using your outline to help (that's the point of writing one - organize your thoughts). We will tell you the due date tomorrow in class (and this post will be updated). If you would like to type and submit by email, that is more than OK (and preferred for Mintz's students). Do not over think this, just please get it done, and do great work!!! I cannot wait to read!

Important Page #s From the Book to Help You for the Final!!!

This will be explained more in class (and this post will be updated as well) but there is a picture on each of the following page #s (physical and online books) that will give you a big hint at some questions that you'll be encountering next week! This might be your only chance to see these pics/charts/maps in color. Go check them out!!!

Pages: 163, 169, 178, 196, 211, 227, 237, 247, 253, 260, 275, 281, 282, 291, 293, 330, 339, 359, 369, 373, 379, 380, and 383.

Friday, December 6, 2013

If you want the Fall Final Study Guide Stuff to Fill In...

... email me at and I'll email it to you. Its too long to post on the blog. Have a great weekend and see you next week (our final full week of the 1st semester)!

P.S. Its also posted on Edmodo.