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Friday, November 29, 2013

Ch. 11 Study Guide (Test Tuesday Dec 3, 2013)

What to Know for the Test: Imperialism (definition and Graphic Org), The Bayonet Constitution and American business interests, Annex (def), Spheres of Influence, Open Door Policy, Boxer Rebellion, Foreign Policy: Henry Cabot Lodge - Alfred Thayer Mahan - and John Hay, Protectorate (def), Roosevelt Corollary (to the Monroe Doctrine), Dollar Diplomacy and Latin America, Upper House (def), Teller Amendment - Philippine Gov Act - Jones Act: US laws in foreign countries, USS Maine and the Spanish-American War, John Pershing and Pancho Villa, Rough Riders and Teddy Roosvelt, US Interventions in... Graphic Org, Governing Graphic Org, Outcomes of the Mexican Rev. Graphic Org (all of this makes this test seem longer than it is - so you do not freak out)

Building Social Studies Skills Ch. Review Questions to Know for the Test: Pg. 155 #1; Pg. 189 #s 1 and 3; Pg. 241 #1, Pg. 351 #s 1 and 3


  • Make sure Ch. 11 Packets are turned in
  • Make sure you check your GradeSpeed (I am entering a ton of grades and I want to make sure that ALL is bueno)
  • We start Ch. 12 this week
  • Final Study Guides will be distributed shortly (get Ch. 12 done 1st!!!)
  • Make sure you let your teacher know if you're having any issues!!!
  • Please make sure you are doing great work and having a little fun!
  • Make sure ALL your classes are good to go (Finals are just around the corner)

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