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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week of Oct. 14-18, 2013

1. Don't forget to be working on the project (directions are in the post below)! The pictures (please make a collage if possible) and the mini-report are due at the beginning of each period on Tuesday Oct. 15, 2013.
2. We will be working on Ch. 8 this week. If you have any missing work (check your GradeSpeed or ask your teacher), get it done ASAP!!!
3. Wednesday is a late start day if you are not taking the PSAT.
4. The Ch. 7 Test will be on Tuesday Oct. 22, 2013 (a study guide will be up next week).

Awesome overview of the Gilded Age (please read).

6 Ways You Can Study "Less" With Better Results!

USA Today college/education news (lots of good stories all the time).

Current Events/School Issues: Please enjoy!
Great article on understanding the gov shutdown and debt limit.
A very interesting article on the writing portion of the SAT (sad but good to know).
When LA students got iPads (and everything went wrong). - 2 articles
An important article about student data and school laptops (sad but good to know).
Helping great kids get to where they need to be, even if there's issues.
Cultural synesthesia and how it affects you.
H-town's Top 100 restaurants (2013).

The school year is really moving quick now!!! Please let your teacher(s) know if you're having any issues!!! Have a good one!

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