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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Class Debates!!!

We are going to have small groups debating issues of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. The groups will debate key issues of the 2 eras, as well as if these issues are having any impact today (2013). You will also, in association with Durning and I, grade the debates, and award winners. This is a chance for everyone to shine (especially those who love to talk way too much)! Here's how to accomplish:

Roles: (For each side) - Groups of 5-7

  • 2 Speakers (Require for each group size)
  • 1-2 Writers/Graders
  • 1-2 Researchers/Graders
  • 1 Notetaker/Debate Prep Person (Required for each group size)
  • The Speakers need to be good talkers; The Researchers need to be able to do research; The Writers need to be good writers; and the Notetaker/Debate Preper needs to be a good listener and suggester of ideas
  1. Break into the above group
  2. Figure out the role of each group member (write down on a piece of paper with the date, period, and turn in to Durning and Mintz (separate daily grade for each group member)
  3. Find the 1st Digital History reading (the Gilded Age) and get the new one (Progressive Era); Highlight and read each
  4. Pick a pro topic AND a con topic (write on a piece of paper with everyone's name, the date, and the period) and give to Durning and Mintz and we will match you with your opposition
  5. Using your textbooks (physical and online), as well as the internet, conduct some research (researchers) and give it to the writers; Writers write up the research into arguments for the Speakers and prep the Speakers; Speakers will be the ones actually debating; The Notetaker will be taking notes during the debate looking to help the Speakers by listening for mistakes from the others side and making sure the Speakers pounce, as well as the person who's responsible for making sure the Speakers are good to go; 1 Writer and 1 Researcher will be grading for each side during the debate; Grades are combined with those from Durning and Mintz (each set worth 50 points for a total possible score of 100)
  6. *At least 3 points need to be debated on each side. While making these up, come see Durning and Mintz to help make sure these are good (look for the most important bits of information - the stuff that will truly prove your side is correct - no tangential information/points)
  7. Project over and fun hopefully had!!!
Grading Rubric: (For up to 50 points - Durning and Mintz will decide the other 50 for a total possible score of a 100 as a Test grade)
(Up To) 20 Points: Argument (The stronger the argument, the stronger the points given)
(Up To) 10 Points: Ability to Argue Back and Forth (More points to the group who proves not only themselves right, but their opposition wrong)
(Up To) 5 Points: Clarity of Points Made (More points for those who have clearly done every step correctly (It'll be obvious - TRUST)
(Up To) 5 Points: Every member Participating (It'll be obvious - TRUST)

Dates and Things to Keep in Mind: The due date will updated shortly (you will have at least a week to accomplish all the set up and the actual debate)
  • You will be given class time but we will also be finishing Ch. 9 and starting Ch. 10; No goofing off; You will be given more than enough time and if you don't accomplish everything, your group's grade is at risk
  • We will also be signing up for our upcoming laptops on Monday - this Thursday, Friday, and ALL of next week will be VERY BUSY - if you are absent: check the blogs for updates AND email Durning or Mintz for the work - you must stay on top of stuff for the next 7 school days - NO EXCUSES/PROCRASTINATION!!!
  • Each highlighted page is due for a grade as well
  • On EVERYONE'S highlighted pages attach a piece of paper that says the places you did research (does not have to be full on biblio - just title and author AND/OR title and web address)
Good Things to Read (For Fun):
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