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Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Moment in Time Picture Project

What this is? This project is about recreating a famous moment in time from something that you have learned about in the first 7 chapters of material. The catch is that you will have to fully recreate the picture using only the members in your group. If you need a flag, someone needs to be the flag (by positioning themselves correctly). Same with any non-human thing in the photo.
How to accomplish?

  • Step 1: Think about the favorite thing that you've learned about in the 1st 7 chapters
  • Step 2: Find a group (no maximum, but at least 2 people are needed)
  • Step 3: Find a picture (from Google Images or Wikipedia) and make sure you have enough group members
  • Step 4: Find a good place to take the pic (can be done in school - there will be some class time given - or out of school) and then recreate your pic
  • Step 5: Email (; BOTH the original photo AND the remade pic along with the following mini-report in the email: Group members names; Title of your pic, why your group picked this photo to recreate (in 2-3 sentences - explain), and whether this was an enjoyable project or not (in 2-3 sentences - explain) - 7 total sentences (don't be lazy)

Are any props/costumes needed? No, but feel free to step up your game (it will only help your grade), but is not required.
Rubric: This will be a TEST level grade and will be comprised of the following areas - for 100 total points (points will be deducted for not following the directions and for not truly recreating the pic):

  • 25 Points: Did your group accurately recreate the original photo?
  • 25 Points: Did your group follow ALL directions?
  • 25 Points: Did you email me both pics?
  • 25 Points: Did you do the mini report in the email, answering ALL questions?

Due Date: Tuesday October 15, 2013).
*Note: Just make this happen. The point is to see what you and your group can do, not what I can direct you to do. Feel free to ask any questions, but keep that in mind.
P.S. The whole point of this project is for you to do something fun and put a smile on my face! :) This should be the easiest project you ever do, so do great work!!!
P.P.S. We will be doing this 1 more time next 6-weeks and then 3 times next semester.
P.P.P.S. The best pics will be featured on the blog, IG, and shown in the school.

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