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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ch. 5 Test Study Guide

For the following 5 items, please be able to write about their importance: (I'll give you a index card on Monday for these 5)

  1. Barbed Wire and the Open Range (the closing of the Open Range)
  2. William H. Seward and the Purchase of Alaska (the discovery of oil)
  3. Dawes Act and Indians (the government trying to give land to Native Americans which resulted in the loss of 2/3's of Indian land)
  4. Comstock Lode and Silver (the discovery of silver, along with of minerals, resulted in massive migration, immigration, and mineral wealth)
  5. US Department of Agriculture (Agency responsible for developing and executing US federal government policy on farming, agriculture, forestry, and food)
Other Things to Know for the QUIZ: Sod Houses, Seward's Folly, Bonanza Farms, Railhead, The Dawes Act, Longhorns, Long Drives, Barbed Wire, Pacific Railway Act, Morrill Act, Homestead Act, Hard-Rock Mining, Hydraulic Mining, and the Patio Process

Of Note for The Week of September 30-October 4, 2013: This week we will have a Ch. 5 Test on Tuesday (Oct. 1), finish up work on Ch. 6 (Monday-Wednesday), and start Ch. 7 (Wednesday-Friday). The 6-weeks ends on Oct. 8, so make sure you are good to go for ALL of your classes. Please ask if any help, tutorials, or anything else is needed. Let's have another great week!

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