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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Work for May 6-14, 2013

MONDAY: (Regular Schedule) Discuss Ch. 25 Written Exam (see post below); Ch. 26 Notes
TUESDAY: (Late Start for STAAR) Ch. 26 Notes/Discussion
WEDNESDAY: (Late Start for STAAR) Ch. 26 Notes (Turn in notes when completed) and start Ch. 27
THURSDAY: (Late Start for STAAR) Ch. 27 Notes/Discussion
FRIDAY: **Please note: I will most likely only be around for 2nd and 3rd period due to meetings and a commitment; (Regular Schedule w/ AP Exams) Ch. 27 Notes/Discussion
MONDAY: Ch. 25 Written Exam Due; Ch. 27 Notes
TUESDAY: Ch. 26 Test
I will be available at lunch and after school everyday, except Friday, if needed. Make sure that things are done in a timely matter with many having to work on AP and STAAR exams. Please let me know if there are any issues b/c we can always compromise on the turn in date (but let me know ASAP, waiting till the last second will result in me not being as caring on the compromise). Have a great weekend!!!

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