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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week of April 8-12, 2013

*NOTE: This is the last week of the 5th 6-weeks. Grades are due in Tuesday April 16, 2013 and my gradebook is closing on Monday the 15th (really next Friday, but I'll accept work from those who are absent through the following Monday). Here's this week's, and the beginning of the following week's, schedule:
MONDAY: Ch. 22 Test Review; Ch 23 PowerPoint Notes (Notes are due when we finish the PowerPoint; See me at lunch or after school if you miss anything)
TUESDAY: Ch. 22 Test (Will be the 1st grade of the final 6-weeks); Ch. 23 Notes (If time permits)
WEDNESDAY: Ch. 23 Notes; Music
THURSDAY: Ch. 23 Notes; Music; Film
FRIDAY: Ch. 23 Notes; Music; Film
MONDAY: Ch. 23 Notes and Test Review
TUESDAY: Ch. 23 Test
P.S. Don't forget to check your grades!!! I've been working hard to input everything!!!
For those who were absent (The Ch. 23 Vocab):
EQUAL PAY ACT: (1963) Federal law that made it illegal for employers to pay female workers less than male workers for the same job
GENERATION GAP: Difference in years, attitudes, and cultural beliefs between generations; Applied to baby boomers and their elders during the 60s
POP ART: Movement that challenged the values of traditional art by taking inspiration from popular culture
COUNTERCULTURE: Alternative lifestyle; For example, the culture of the hippies in the 1960s
WOODSTOCK: (1969): Rock concert near Woodstock, New York (NY), that marked the highpoint of the counterculture era
NATIONAL ORG. FOR WOMEN (NOW): Women’s rights group; Formed in 1966 to pressure elected officials to ensure social and political equality for women
AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED PERSONS (AARP): Largest lobbying group on behalf of senior citizens; Founded in 1958
UNITED FARM WORKERS (UFW): Group formed in the 1960s to improve working conditions for migrant farm workers
ALIANZA FEDERAL DE MERCEDES: Federal Alliance of Land Grants; Group led by Reies Lopez Tijerina to try to regain land taken from Mex. Americans
MEXICAN AMERICAN YOUTH ORG (MAYO): Mex. Amer. activist group formed in 1967 by college students in San Antonio, TX
LA RAZA UNIDA PARTY (RUP): Mex. Amer. political party formed by Jose Angel Gutierrez in the late 1960s
ROE V. WADE: (1973) SCOTUS decision state law(s) cannot limit women’s access to abortion during the 1st 3 months of pregnancy; Hugely controversial to this day
EDUCATION AMENDMENTS ACT: (1972) Federal law prohibiting sexual discrimination in higher education
EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT: (ERA) Proposed, but failed, constitutional amendment that would guarantee women’s rights by outlawing discrimination based on gender.

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