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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Break Is 1 Week Away!!! So... What's Up Till Then?

MONDAY: ELA TAKS (Writing) and SHORT classes (Finish up Ch. 19, if not done so already OR work on Project)
TUESDAY: Ch. 19 TEST; Ch. 19 Notes and Vocab due (if not done so already); Work on Project
WEDNESDAY: Ch. 20 Vocab/Notes; Project
THURSDAY: Ch. 20 Notes; Project
FRIDAY: Ch. 20 Notes; Projects Due
FRIDAY - AFTER SCHOOL EXTRA CREDIT: For those signed up: 1. Wear or bring clothes that you don't mind potentially having paint on; 2. Be hungry, I'm bring snacks; 3. For about 2 hours we will paint my room and just make sure my junk is put away; 4. This will net you +10 on the TEST of your choosing and some food (let me know what you like and it might appear on Friday), as well as getting to hang with the BEST IN THE WORLD :) To those who have signed up, thank you in advance (I really appreciate it!!!)!
**One week till a nice 9 (total) day break!!! Please continue to work hard, I know that EVERYONE is tired! Let's have a truly great week with lots of learning and fun! Please make your teacher proud!**

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