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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello and a Short Goodbye

I hope that everyone has a great Friday while I'm gone visiting my Grandparents (who I truly hope are feeling better)! Here are the things to remember for Friday and next week:
Friday: Work on the Ch. 21 packets and vocab (Due for full credit by next Wednesday and for some Extra Credit if you turn it in early)
Monday: Work on Ch. 21 Packets and Quick Ch. 20 Test Review
Tuesday: Ch. 20 Test (Scantron) and if time, work on Ch. 21 Packets
Wednesday: Finish Ch. 21 Packets and make sure all Ch. 21 work is turned it
Thursday: Ch. 22 - Vocab and PowerPoint Notes (Due by the following Wednesday)
Friday: Ch. 22 PowerPoint Notes and Discussion
The Following Tuesday: Ch. 21 Test
As you might know, yesterday was not a fun day for me with my phone disappearing. Things happen and hopefully that'll be the worst thing to happen this school year - which would be quite lucky - and no other issues will be had (and do not worry - I'm not sitting around crying - things happen and today is a new day). I will not mention this again and my attitude will not change (plus I do not want to go grey any quicker - haha). Sadly, some new rules: Please - no one near my desk unless called, no one in my room if I'm not in there, no more asking me to go out of the room all the time, and no more access to my personal computers. I am sorry about this but since I do not know what happened with my phone while I was at a meeting, I cannot let anything have the chance to disappear again. I know that it was only 1 bad person and that the vast majority of people here at BHS are wonderful and trustworthy! But unless my phone suddenly reappears, these new rules are permanent.
Below are the Ch. 21 Notes to check. Remember when things are due (above) and have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!! I miss everyone and hope that today is a great day!

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