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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Historical Interpretive Photo Mini Project

1. Get in groups of 4
2. **Make sure someone has a camera phone and internet access**
3. Look over CHS. 18-19, and select a topic over something have learned, are learning, or will learn about
4. Each group is going to recreate a moment from their selected topic and reenact the moment in front of class while someone takes a pic. Then each group will explain why they selected their topic and why they recreated it in they way they chose (presented and done in class). Each group will submit 1 piece of paper (handwritten or typed for +3) that has each group member’s name, title (INSTAGRAM HISTORY), topic, CH. #, why this topic (in 3-5 sentences), and why it was recreated in the manner chosen.
5. Email the pic and written submission (if typed up) to me:; You must email or print out the pic for me

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