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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Schedule for Week of Jan 22-26, 2013

TUESDAY: Chs. 13/14 QUIZ; Chs. 15/16 Pre-Quiz (No Book Needed)
WEDNESDAY: Ch. 15 Fill in the Blank Notes; Vocab (Book Needed)
THURSDAY: Ch. 15 Fill in the Blank Notes; Vocab (Book Needed)
FRIDAY: Ch. 15 Fill in the Blank Notes (Finish) (No Book Needed if finished)
**We will review for the Ch. 15 Quiz on the Monday when we come back. Ch. 15 Note Packets and vocab will be do on Quiz day (this can be turned in early).
**EXTRA CREDIT: I will be showing fun movies and/or tv shows at lunch and after school on issues that we have been discussing for +2 on the Ch. 13/14 Quiz of the Ch. 15 Quiz (your choice) Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Please join!

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