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Monday, January 14, 2013

Mini Project Directions

1. Get in groups of 4
2. **Make sure someone has a camera phone and internet access
3. We are learning, and going to learn, about good and bad economic times after WW1, Roaring 20s, the Great Depression (30s), the Dust Bowl (30s), and current issues in our economy. For this mini project, you are going to go around the school (or around your home or city) and take a pic w/ you AND/OR your group showing something that shows something that relates to a bad economy
4. Each group member will take a pic featuring themselves and/or their group members around school or Houston (Put them in a word document with everyone’s name and period – Titled Economic Pics Project) (Make sure you use the smallest file size to save the pics – large ones will be too big to email);
            - Have a theme (bad economics in schools, cities, restaurants, businesses, etc)
- Give each pic a very short caption explaining how it relates (no more than 15 words max – shorter is better)
- 4 total pics (or as many pics as there are group members)
5. Email to your teacher: and you are done

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