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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Written Portion of the Fall Final 2012 Directions and Prompts

OVERVIEW and DUE DATE: You are going to complete the WRITTEN PORTION of the FALL FINAL EXAM. This will consist of writing an OUTLINE start the topic of your choosing from the topics listed below AND writing a 5 PARAGRAPH essay. I will be checking your outline (grade #1) on Monday December 3, 2012 and the written portion of the final (grade #2) is Tuesday December 4, 2012. You are permitted, and encouraged to turn this in early (you can write it at home and bring it in if desired). Any type of plagiarism will result in an automatic 0 for the entire final. This assignment is worth a test level grade and up to 50 points towards your final grade (the whole exam is out of 200 points with the written portion being worth 50 and the multiple choice portion worth 150 and then dividing by 2). This can be TYPED if you choose to turn this in early. If written out, BOTH PARTS must be written in PEN.
DIRECTIONS and FORMAT: The OUTLINE and WRITTEN PORTION must be 5 paragraphs (no more, no less) in length. Your outline must be in outline format, no fully written papers will be counted as the outline.
1. INTRODUCTION and THESIS STATEMENT (all 3 issues you will discuss in the body paragraphs must be mentioned within your intro)
2. BODY #1 (1st point)
3. BODY #2 (2nd point)
4. BODY #3 (3rd point)
5. CONCLUSION and SUMMARY (you must once again make sure to mention ALL 3 issues you discussed)
TOPICS: Pick one of the following TIME PERIODS and IMPORTANT EVENT within it. Make sure that you discuss the significance of your event in terms of why it was important in the time period. Possible ways to take paper are written in ().
Steel Industry and Carnegie (Good & Bad Legacy, Philanthropy, Vertical Integration)
Oil Industry and Rockefeller (His Legacy – Good & Bad, Horizontal Integration)
Communications and Edison, Menlo Park (The Importance and Effects)
 Railroad Giants (Pullman, Westinghouse, Vanderbilt and their importance )
 New Immigrants (Issues, Jobs, Importance on Industries, Crimes Against)
New Life for Immigrants (Life in the Cities – Good and Bad Aspects)
City Life and Urbanization (The Rise of Cities – Good and Bad Aspects)
Sports and Entertainment (The Creation, Importance, and Effects on the US)
Immigrants and Political Machines (Their Role, Crimes, Intimidation, Issues, Uses)
3. GILDED AGE: (Ch. 8-9)
Political Bosses and Machines (Their Role, Crimes, Intimidation, Issues, Uses)
Grant’s Spoils Scandal (The Issues and the Consequences)
Garfield’s Assassination and Consequences (Effects and Issues)
Pendleton Civil Service Act vs. the Spoils System (Why the Spoils System went away)
Fighting Within Political Parties AND the New Parties that Emerge (Importance & Issues)
The Populist Movement and its Effects on Government and the US
Progressive Issues and the Effects on the US (19th Amend, Work Conditions, Laws, etc)
Muckrakers and Their Importance (The Effects of News Industry)
Yellow Journalism (Spanish-American War and Sensational News Reporting)
Reforming the Workplace and Social Issues and the Effects on the US
Issues with Female and Child Labor and the Effects on the US
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and its Effects on Women and Industry
 Labor Unions, Their Importance, and Their Controversy
Acts and Laws that Changed Society (Pick 3)
5. IMPERIALISM: (Ch. 11)
 Acquisition of Hawaii and the Controversy (Imperialism and its effects)
US Involvement in China (The need for new markets)
Spanish-American War, Its Causes, and its Effects (Yellow Journalism, McKinley’s stance)
 The Importance of the Philippines to the US
The Building of the Panama Canal (The major issues for the US)
War with Mexico (Causes/Issues, or Important People)
6. WW1: (Ch. 12)
The Causes of the War (US Perspective or From Another Country)
 Nationalism and its Effects on the Entry into War (Discuss as many countries as possible)
Military Alliances and Their Effects and Consequences on the War Effort
Why(The US Joined) AND the Effects of the US Joining the War
Victory, The Treaty of Versailles AND Effects of Winning (US) OR
Losing (i.e. Germany)
Wilson’s 14 Points and Their Effect on the US and the World

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