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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Long-Lasting Extra Credit Opportunities for the 3rd 6-Weeks (UPDATED)

These 2 Extra Credit opportunities will be good for the whole 3rd 6-weeks to anyone who would like to do them and ALL you have to do is bring me the ticket (this will be good for +5 on any of the 3rd 6-weeks tests AND the ability to drop any daily grade of your choosing for a free 100). 1. Go see the movie Lincoln (opens soon - as of me writing this). 2. Go to the Museum of Fine Arts and see the War Photographs exhibit (General admission is free on Thursdays, but know that the exhibit requires a purchased ticket which runs around $15). These are 2 things that your teacher would love you to see!!! I have now seen both (lucky to get to see a sneak peak of Lincoln and I had seen the photographs exhibit, also a sneak peak, over the summer). All you have to do is bring me the ticket stub. If you go to one, or both, I hope you enjoy!!! They are great!!!
UPDATE: Addition - If you watch Citizen Kane, and write a paragraphed size review, I will also give out the same extra credit as listed above. Vertigo, an Alfred Hitchcock film, which this year was named the greatest film of all time (just surpassing the now #2 Citizen Kane), I will also give the same extra credit (good to see great films if you have the chance).

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