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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Special Shout Out...

... to Jesus and Belter for decorating my walls so I, and no one else, has to stare at that hideous fading blue paint anymore (OMG did I dislike that paint)!!! And a 2nd shout out to Madison, Sandra, Selena, Valeria, Mitchel, Jonathon, Will, Angus, Precious, Maddie, Darla, and EVERYONE who has done wonderful art to help decorate my classroom!!! Please know that I am beyond appreciative of your efforts to make our class, and classroom, a little prettier every day!!! I prefer to decorate my room with your work and art, as opposed to posters (which have to be covered up at test time anyways). I am proud to teach so many students who are not only doing great work in US History but clearly are creative, artistic people as well! You make class much more interesting for me, and hopefully ALL of my students, when you contribute to what makes us unique and great! Hopefully the principal(s) will not be mad about the slight paint odor (which will hopefully be gone - but just in case I have bought a ton of air fresheners and other assortedness to help out). At least I learned a valuable lesson: no painting until AFTER school on Fridays. Hehe. Thanks again!

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