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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week #9 Recap and What's Up for Week #10

This was a very interesting week of classes! Many grades were taken, early dismissal happened, learned a little more about voting and the upcoming election, and a lot of good work was done learning about Ch. 8. There are still some people who have not turned in the Graphic Organizers and Understanding Main Ideas (UMIs) for Ch. 8. If these are not in my hand on Monday, they will stay as missing in your grades. Please remember that deadlines do matter and when you are given more than enough class time to finish these assignments, they need to be completed on time!
This week we will take our Ch. 8 Test, work on Ch. 9 (read, answer questions, take notes, and other good stuff), and continue to learn about the upcoming election and voting. On Nov. 6 (Election Day) we will have an in class voting experience where students will vote just like in real life (except for the machines). All ballots will be secret (no names) and we will see if the class trends are the trends that we see in real life. Over the upcoming days we will learn about all the local races and referendums and students will learn what voters have to think about. I hope that this will be an enjoyable experience for all and I cannot wait to see the results!
Please remember that tutorials will be given at lunch and after school EVERYDAY (except Tuesday lunch when I have my club meeting). Please attend if you need help, have questions, or just want to talk about the work. Lots of good work has been done and I hope to continue seeing lots and lots of learning!
P.S. Don't forget the Ch. 8 stuff we worked on in class is posted below. Please use if needed.

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