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Friday, October 19, 2012

Week #8 Recap and What's Up for Week #9

This was quite a crazy week we had. Between the crazy schedule, PSAT testing, spirit week, homecoming, Ch. 6-7 test, and all the other stuff that was done, this guy is a little tired (and I know many others are too). But I'm sure all will be good after Homecoming tomorrow (go Cards!!!). While many, many things are going well for many of my students, we all need to make sure that we are coming to class prepared, studying the material, and doing the things that will set us all up for success. There have been some issues with preparedness and we will be doing everything that we can in the coming weeks to make sure that we are all doing things that give us the ability to earn an A (will every grade be an A for everyone, probably not, but that needs to be everyone's goal and everyone needs to make sure to bring a good effort every day). 11th grade classes, which this is one, are the most important for students because colleges and jobs (anyone who will look at your transcripts) will focus on this year (mostly because if you are sending out apps in the near future - these will be your most current grades).
All of next week will be devoted to studying ch. 8, working on understanding what questions are really asking, finding the clues within questions and definitions/vocab, highlighting and underlining skills, reading, writing, and playing our new favorite history game. You will need your book (except Friday), a pen, a highlighter, and paper every day.
I want all of my students to achieve as much success as they can this year! I have massively enjoyed teaching my students this year and wish the world for ALL! I have such a sweet, kind, helpful, and talented bunch. Even when I go grey and pull my hair out, this is fun for me! But many distractions (phones, friends, general goofing off) are getting in the way too often right now. Please come to class good to go and all will be good. There will always be time for the fun... when the work is done. These issues need to cease to exist ASAP! We have had these discussions to often. Do not forget how important this year is!!! Your teacher wants to have tons of fun!!!...when the work is done.
Do not forget about
P.S. I know I said to do corrections to some students and I didn't give you back your scantrons to know which questions you got wrong. I am sorry about that and I will let you see the scantrons (I need to hold on to them for future use) on Monday. No worries on that, my bad.

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