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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week #7 Recap and Week #8 Overview

Wow did we accomplish a lot during the 1st week of the 2nd 6-Weeks! We watched debates, learned about immigrants and the growth of cities (Ch. 7), reviewed Ch. 6, learned a new game, discussed affirmative action and the Supreme Court, got Report Cards, and got several new grades for the new 6-weeks. A lot of good work has been done, but make sure that if you need any help that you ask your teacher. There are still many who need to work on study skills and how to best review the material. What makes this class easy is all you have to do is read, write, and discuss. That also is what makes it hard for some when there are issues. Make sure you are good to go (that's why I'm here).
This week will take our Chs. 6-7 Test (scantron - bring a pencil), continue playing history ball, review for our exam, and then start Chapter 8. There will be Warm Up writings, graphic organizers, and many questions that we will need to answer. Things are starting to move very fast and I will be around at lunch everyday (except Tuesday because of my club) and after school everyday if any help or assistance is needed. Make sure you keep up with your grades on GradeSpeed, check out the Google Folder, and read the textbook! Let's have another great week!

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