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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


First, as you know I have been taking many grades lately, so please check your GradeSpeed!!! I still have people that have missing work. Any work that has been due needs to be in my hands no later than Friday or it will stay as missing (0).
In class news, make sure that you have your textbook, packet, highlighter, and notes. I saw a lot of good work today and hopefully I will see a lot more tomorrow. It has also come to my attention that notebook, folder, backpack organization is a BIG issue right now. If any help is needed, let your teacher know. Stuffing papers in random places is not being organized. Please make sure that you keep ALL of your papers safe and organized (ALL work will help you when its FINALS time). Remember that the Ch. 8 UMIs and GRAPHIC ORGs are due Friday.

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