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Saturday, October 6, 2012

1st Week of the 2nd 6-Weeks News and Recap

We are now 1/6th done with the school year. The final grades I need to input are being posted and 1st 6-Weeks grades are being finalized. I hope everyone is happy with their grade and I hope you are proud of the work that you did (I am). We are going to go bigger and better in the 2nd 6-Weeks!
This week we will do the Chapter 6 review and work on Chapter 7. You will need your textbook, paper, and a pen Monday-Thursday and just paper and a pen on Friday. We are going to be reading, taking notes, watching some clips, discussing current happenings, starting our presidential election predictions, learning about American business, and writing about some interesting topics (this will be the schedule, more or less, for the next few weeks).
The Chapters 6-7 Test will be Tuesday October 16, 2012. Make sure you read these 2 chapters (a section a night - which takes 15ish minutes - and you'll be good to go by test day). Please let me know if you have any questions. And for those who have the extra credit for that exam, keep it safe, it will be useful soon.
Lots of good stuff in class and in the real world (go Texans!!!). I hope it was a great 1st 6-weeks and I hope that it is great for all!!! Be prepared for lots of learning and lots of fun (at least in terms of Social Studies - haha). Make sure you are good to go and prepared! I'm very excited for the coming weeks!

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