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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week #4 Recap and Week #5 Happenings

Last week seemed to go very well (always good). We took a lot of (hopefully) good notes, watched some videos, did some group work, read, wrote, and discussed some good things! I have seen lots of progress, which has been exciting! I have also seen some issues with talking (too much) and paying attention (which needs to fixed ASAP). Things are starting to move in ALL classes and we ALL need to make sure that we are working hard because this is where it gets tough: when hard work is required everyday in each class. Come to class good to work, that is all that's required.
This week we will read, write, watch, debate, discuss Sections 3-4 of Chapter 5 and start Chapter 6. You will need your textbook Monday-Thursday. We will view the online textbook on Friday and watch some videos about the info we are covering. The Warm Ups this week will be group ones and you will be part of a debate squad discussing issues in Chapter 5. Hopefully that will be fun! Don't forget to make sure you have no issues with your grades (you received a Progress Report and are hopefully recording your grades on your gradesheet), read the material, study your notes, bring a PEN and PAPER everyday, and be prepared to do some great work! This should be a good week!

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