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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Status Update

I'm feeling more and more settled after my big move! And... I finally have internet again! I have been diligently grading the work handed into me and will post the grades on GRADESPEED by tomorrow at lunch at the absolute latest. I will also be emailing out Progress Reports over GRADESPEED over the next couple of days as well so that everyone knows their progress. If you owe me any work it is time for it to be in my hands! I will also be fully updating the blog within the next couple of days as well. Please stay tuned. I'm sorry that I had a super busy weekend and have not gotten things out as quickly as I usually do, thanks for your understanding. And if you have gotten the link to the Google Share Folder (I'm emailing out a few links tonight to those who've requested them of late - check your email) I've added the videos we watched in class today and those we will watch tomorrow, in case you'd like to watch. All good! See everyone in class.
P.S. If I haven't emailed you the link to the Google Share Folder yet, please let me know. I want to make sure that everyone has it ASAP!

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