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Saturday, September 8, 2012

2nd Week of School Recap and 3rd Week Reminders

This week we worked on our review chapters (1-4), wrote some interesting things about Social Studies and Presidents, discussed happenings in the US and the world, and hopefully had some fun along the way. If you were absent: make sure that the Warm Ups are turned in and the Unit 1 packets are complete. Email me if you have any questions.
Next week we go over final Unit 1 notes (Monday), see a presentation from the College Center (Tuesday), take our 1st real exam over Unit 1 (Wednesday), and go over some things, take some notes, and watch some videos (Thursday and Friday).
You will need your textbook only Monday and Thursday. You need pen and paper every day.
Those who have emailed me when they know they are missing class, and those who took part in the video and writing extra credits, please know that I'm proud of you. A lot of people are doing some really good things early on to get off to a great start! The end of Jordan Rides the Bus will be shown on Monday @lunch. And another movie will be shown either Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday. I'll let you know on Monday when my schedule at lunch time becomes clearer (one of those days I have a club meeting at lunch, I just need to figure out which day).
Make sure you have all of your supplies, your textbook, access to all the online materials (if you want), and are caught up with all the work in my class and all of your others. Procrastination is easy. Doing great work takes effort! Let's have another good week.
P.S. to my 6th Per: There will be a seating chart instituted on Monday that you will need to follow for the remainder of the semester. Please remember work first, talk too much and play on your phones when you're done.
UPDATE: All grades that I have received have been posted on GRADESPEED. Please make sure that you check it out. I am missing some textbooks and warm ups.

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