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Saturday, September 1, 2012

1st Week of School Recap and 2nd Week Reminders

Well I hope that everyone had as good a 1st week as I did! We did a lot of good things including getting to know our class, taking a WHAT DO YOU KNOW QUIZ, finding out what SCHOOL SUPPLIES are needed, learning some good skills in VOCABULARY ACQUISITION and HIGHLIGHTING, how TESTS and QUIZZES will be given - and when, and starting the actual work of the course.
This week we will continue in reviewing Chapters 1-4 for background knowledge of where our course actually begins: 1877 - The Gilded Age (Chapters 5-6 of the textbook). We will view some PowerPoints and movie clips, as well as take some notes, read, write, discuss, debate, and hopefully have some fun along the way. Last week was a blast and hopefully this week will be even better! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my new students and am excited with everyone's potential!
Things to keep in mind this week:
  • NO SCHOOL MONDAY (Labor Day)
  • 1/2 DAY on THURSDAY (Open House)
  • Come to Open House @6pm on Thursday (I'll be there to meet anyone)
  • My SmartBoard will be installed this week (hopefully)
  • 1st Extra Credit movie, Jordan Rides the Bus (about the year Michael Jordan's father passes and he quits the NBA to play minor league baseball) will be shown at lunch and potentially after school (as long as things are installed on time - keeping fingers crossed - if not this week then next week for sure)
  • Book Check/Supplies Check on Tuesday September 4, 2012 - make sure you remember!

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