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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Questions to Think About for Debates

For Periods 2, 3, 4, and 7 (Period 6, yours are on your pages). Enjoy and I hope these can help.
Period 2:
Why were steel and oil refining different from earlier industrial or other kinds of production?
How did oil and steel change the American economy?
What problems did they create for workers?
Period 3:
How were workers treated?
What is philanthropy?
How did Carnegie and Rockefeller change capitalism?
Period 4:
When workers went on strike, they lost pay and invited an angry reaction from owners and others. Why did workers do that? How did and do they deal with negative responses?
How did strikes create pressure on owners?
Should workers have had or have the right to strike?
Period 7:
Why was Mark Twain critical of the Gilded Age?
What goals did unions have (or should they have had)?
Why were business owners so powerful? What powers did they have?

Week 5 Recap and Week 6 Happenings After Tues.

Another interesting week in the books! We prepared for our debates, finished Chapter 5, and started Chapter 6. I saw a lot of good work and I hope to see a lot more this week!
This week will be the last week of our 1st 6-weeks! Wow, the time flies quick! This week we will present our debates, take the Ch. 5 Test, and learn about Industrialization, inventors, big business, and all the rest of Ch. 6. You will need your textbook Wednesday and Thursday.
All week, except for Tuesday, I will be showing The Avengers in my room during lunch. I thought it would be good to show something fun during the last week of our 1st 6-weeks. Hope to see you there!
If you like food, like to talk about, blog about, and enjoy food, join the Food Club. We meet every Tuesday and soon will be sampling, discussing, and writing about the great foods of our wonderful city! Dues are $10 and we will be doing some really fun things! Please let me know if you're interested!

Tuesday October 2, 2012: Ch. 5 Test

Don't forget that there's the Ch. 5 Test on Tuesday. I will be giving you a little Study Guide on Monday. Make sure you are good to go (read regular or online textbook, your notes, and the study guide). If you have any questions or need anything email or come see me at lunch or after school on Monday.

Monday October 1, 2012: Debates

Our class debates are on Monday. I saw a lot of great work on these this week!!! Please remember: these are casual - do not stress them out (if you're prepared you'll do great), bring your notes with you just in case you can't remember everything, listen to the other side and respond accordingly, listen to the prompts given to you by the moderator (me) and answer the questions while proving your side's argument, and just do the good work that you know you're capable of doing (have confidence - you did prepare all week for this)! I'm very excited for Monday and cannot wait to see how this turns out! Good luck!

Lunch Movie this Week: The Avengers

All week, except for Tuesday because I have a club meeting (join our Food club if you need a fun activity on the side), The Avengers will be playing in my room. Something fun to watch as our days become busier and busier. Bring some popcorn and I hope to see you there! :)


Thanks to all of those who took their time to find me in my class picture for extra credit! I hope you enjoyed seeing the High School version of myself. Make sure you keep the paper I gave you, or will give you on Monday, so that you can get big extra credit when we take the Chapters 6-7 Test (in about 2 weeks).

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday Sept. 28, 2012

Don't forget to be working on, thinking about, and getting ready for our big class debates! We will do our final prep on them tomorrow and hopefully be good to go for Monday! I am very excited!!! And don't forget tomorrow is also the last day to tell me the color of my ugly sweater from my 2002 class photo (OMG its hideous to look at!!!). Tomorrow should be a good day!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

We Are in the Library on Tuesday!

Classes will be meeting in the LIBRARY on Tuesday September 25, 2012 to work on an in-class project that we will be doing this week! I will have signs on the doors in case you forget. Be prepared for this (bring pen, paper, a flash drive - if needed, and your book). Hopefully this will be fun for all and its always good to go to a different place every once in a while.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week #4 Recap and Week #5 Happenings

Last week seemed to go very well (always good). We took a lot of (hopefully) good notes, watched some videos, did some group work, read, wrote, and discussed some good things! I have seen lots of progress, which has been exciting! I have also seen some issues with talking (too much) and paying attention (which needs to fixed ASAP). Things are starting to move in ALL classes and we ALL need to make sure that we are working hard because this is where it gets tough: when hard work is required everyday in each class. Come to class good to work, that is all that's required.
This week we will read, write, watch, debate, discuss Sections 3-4 of Chapter 5 and start Chapter 6. You will need your textbook Monday-Thursday. We will view the online textbook on Friday and watch some videos about the info we are covering. The Warm Ups this week will be group ones and you will be part of a debate squad discussing issues in Chapter 5. Hopefully that will be fun! Don't forget to make sure you have no issues with your grades (you received a Progress Report and are hopefully recording your grades on your gradesheet), read the material, study your notes, bring a PEN and PAPER everyday, and be prepared to do some great work! This should be a good week!

This Week's Extra Credit Opportunity

For +5 Extra Credit on the Chapter 5 Test, you will be going on a slight investigation. Here it is:
Go to the main hallway across from the Main office. Look at the wall of class pictures and find the one for 2002 (the year I graduated). Find my picture and on a piece of paper (with YOUR NAME, PERIOD, title - Extra Credit) write the color of my ugly sweater (and its ugly) that I was wearing in the picture. Once again I will not ask for this, its up to you to get it to me. This is due by Thursday September 27, 2012. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Progress Reports

With the mid-point of this 6-weeks just being passed, I want to make sure everyone knows 100% how they are doing. I have emailed PROGRESS REPORTS over GRADESPEED (for those that have that option) and will be giving EVERYONE a physical copy in class. If there are any holes, mistakes, or things that you might want to improve upon, contact me ASAP!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Status Update

I'm feeling more and more settled after my big move! And... I finally have internet again! I have been diligently grading the work handed into me and will post the grades on GRADESPEED by tomorrow at lunch at the absolute latest. I will also be emailing out Progress Reports over GRADESPEED over the next couple of days as well so that everyone knows their progress. If you owe me any work it is time for it to be in my hands! I will also be fully updating the blog within the next couple of days as well. Please stay tuned. I'm sorry that I had a super busy weekend and have not gotten things out as quickly as I usually do, thanks for your understanding. And if you have gotten the link to the Google Share Folder (I'm emailing out a few links tonight to those who've requested them of late - check your email) I've added the videos we watched in class today and those we will watch tomorrow, in case you'd like to watch. All good! See everyone in class.
P.S. If I haven't emailed you the link to the Google Share Folder yet, please let me know. I want to make sure that everyone has it ASAP!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2nd Week of School Recap and 3rd Week Reminders

This week we worked on our review chapters (1-4), wrote some interesting things about Social Studies and Presidents, discussed happenings in the US and the world, and hopefully had some fun along the way. If you were absent: make sure that the Warm Ups are turned in and the Unit 1 packets are complete. Email me if you have any questions.
Next week we go over final Unit 1 notes (Monday), see a presentation from the College Center (Tuesday), take our 1st real exam over Unit 1 (Wednesday), and go over some things, take some notes, and watch some videos (Thursday and Friday).
You will need your textbook only Monday and Thursday. You need pen and paper every day.
Those who have emailed me when they know they are missing class, and those who took part in the video and writing extra credits, please know that I'm proud of you. A lot of people are doing some really good things early on to get off to a great start! The end of Jordan Rides the Bus will be shown on Monday @lunch. And another movie will be shown either Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday. I'll let you know on Monday when my schedule at lunch time becomes clearer (one of those days I have a club meeting at lunch, I just need to figure out which day).
Make sure you have all of your supplies, your textbook, access to all the online materials (if you want), and are caught up with all the work in my class and all of your others. Procrastination is easy. Doing great work takes effort! Let's have another good week.
P.S. to my 6th Per: There will be a seating chart instituted on Monday that you will need to follow for the remainder of the semester. Please remember work first, talk too much and play on your phones when you're done.
UPDATE: All grades that I have received have been posted on GRADESPEED. Please make sure that you check it out. I am missing some textbooks and warm ups.

EXTRA CREDIT: Help Design Something for my Room

For +5 on the exam of your choosing, design something (about you, me, Social Studies, or our class) that I can decorate my walls with. Since we are in this together, I wanted to give my you the opportunity to help design our classroom with things that you like and/or are important to you. This will be due by Friday September 14, 2012. As with this, it is up to you to bring these up to me. I will not be asking for this in class (that's why its extra credit). Hopefully I will see some great things from my wonderful students! Can't wait!

Reminder About Wed. Sept. 12, 2012

Due to the program we will be going to on Tuesday, the Unit 1 (Chs. 1-4) Quiz will be given on Wednesday instead of our normal Tuesday slot. Make sure you study the packet and the notes you will take on Monday. If you want to look at more, the first 4 powerpoints are in the Google Shared folder if you want to check them out. All you will need on Wednesday is a regular pen and a red pen (we will grade this one together when everyone finishes).

Reminder About Tuesday Sept. 11, 2012

Do not forget that we will be meeting in the auditorium on Tuesday September 11, 2012 for a presentation by the College Center and Ms. Manraj. Meet me at the front of the auditorium and make sure I see you so I do not mark you absent (if you do not find me before you go in you will be marked absent). This should be a good and helpful presentation and all you need to bring is yourself, a piece of paper, and a pen (just in case anything needs to be written down). Thanks and see you on Tuesday in the auditorium.

Please Note: About This Week

In my personal life, I am moving homes on September 15, 2012. Needless to say, this week will be very busy for me. But do not worry, I have set everything up so that I will not miss any class time and my move will not impact any happenings going on in class. Please bear with me if I seem busier than normal because trust me I am. Just wanted everyone to know.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

I hope that everyone has a great, relaxing, and fun Labor Day! At least most will be happy to have an extra day of rest. Don't forget what's going on in class next week (read the post below) and come to class good to go! Have fun and see everyone on Tuesday!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

1st Week of School Recap and 2nd Week Reminders

Well I hope that everyone had as good a 1st week as I did! We did a lot of good things including getting to know our class, taking a WHAT DO YOU KNOW QUIZ, finding out what SCHOOL SUPPLIES are needed, learning some good skills in VOCABULARY ACQUISITION and HIGHLIGHTING, how TESTS and QUIZZES will be given - and when, and starting the actual work of the course.
This week we will continue in reviewing Chapters 1-4 for background knowledge of where our course actually begins: 1877 - The Gilded Age (Chapters 5-6 of the textbook). We will view some PowerPoints and movie clips, as well as take some notes, read, write, discuss, debate, and hopefully have some fun along the way. Last week was a blast and hopefully this week will be even better! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my new students and am excited with everyone's potential!
Things to keep in mind this week:
  • NO SCHOOL MONDAY (Labor Day)
  • 1/2 DAY on THURSDAY (Open House)
  • Come to Open House @6pm on Thursday (I'll be there to meet anyone)
  • My SmartBoard will be installed this week (hopefully)
  • 1st Extra Credit movie, Jordan Rides the Bus (about the year Michael Jordan's father passes and he quits the NBA to play minor league baseball) will be shown at lunch and potentially after school (as long as things are installed on time - keeping fingers crossed - if not this week then next week for sure)
  • Book Check/Supplies Check on Tuesday September 4, 2012 - make sure you remember!

First Extra Credit Opportunity of the Year!

For +5 on the FIRST TEST, write a few sentences about what you hope to accomplish in US History this school year. Is there a certain grade that you are shooting for? Is there certain things you would like to learn? Are there things that you want to talk about? Any thoughts are welcome on this. This is due by Wednesday September 5, 2012. I will not ask for this. It is your responsibility to hand it to me in class.