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Saturday, May 5, 2012

US HIST: Week of May 7-11, 2012

We will finish up the final chapter of our book (Chapter 27). At the end of the week (thanks to STAAR testing) we will have our final quiz of the year (covering Chapters 26-27). Do not forget that if you want to earn some extra credit (for this exam, or to help replace a grade that is not to your liking) than all you have to do is attend Tutorials (for FINALS and CLASS) at lunch (room #329) or after school (room #319). Till then, we will be discussing big issues from the chapter(s) and start really getting into Finals review mode. The Final Review is a 2 part grade - half the grade is for completing and having me check to ensure completion AND you checking it in class (failure to do both parts, meaning you need to bring it EVERYDAY, will result in you not being allowed to attend review). Make sure that you check your GradeSpeed and turn in any work that needs to be turned in (don't forget how important your junior year is to colleges and make sure that you get your grade as high as you can!!!). You will need paper, a pen, your textbook, your final review EVERYDAY! The end of this school year is getting extremely close. It has been my absolute joy to be able to see so much great work from so many people! I hope we can close this out with lots of success! And do not forget that even though the schedule gets a little crazy during the middle of the week, we still have work to do. Be prepared to to continue to do good work!
P.S. Don't forget that our schedule gets a little fun Tuesday-Thursday!

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