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Friday, April 13, 2012

US HIST: Work for the Week of April 16-20, 2012

This week we will continue, and end, Chapter 25, move onto Chapter 26, and work on TAKS preparedness throughout (Social Studies TAKS is on Friday April 27, 2012). You will need pen and paper EVERYDAY and you will now you need your TEXTBOOK EVERYDAY as well. There are several people who owe me work, make sure that you are not procrastinating on handing in your work. By the end of next week the bulk of the grades will be taken (to avoid making you crazy during the many testing days that are coming up - you're welcome). If you ever need any help, I can always be reached by email ( - I know you know, but just in case. Keep working hard! I have so many students doing grrreat work (with some others hopefully coming around soon)! Be ready for lots of good times in US HISTORY! P.S. Do not forget that Wednesday is an Early Dismissal day!

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