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Saturday, April 28, 2012

US HIST: Week of April 30-May 4, 2012

Well last week was certainly interesting with the TAKS test taking up almost the entire week! I hope that EVERYONE did well and now we will turn our attention to finishing the book (Chapters 26-27) and starting our review for the FINAL. On Wednesday May 2, 2012 we will have our WRITTEN FINAL. Make sure that you show me your OUTLINE before then (so I can make sure that you are good to go). Make sure that ALL work has been turned in to me (the vast majority turned in the Chapter 25 take home exam and the TAKS reviews - but for those who didn't - get them to me ASAP - some points are better than no points on grades that were supposed to be easy AND worth a lot). You will get your Finals Review Packets next week. Make sure you have paper and a pen (for the last notes that we will be taking over the next week or so). We are starting to hit the home stretch, so make sure that you are good to go! Please make sure that you attend lunch or after school tutorials (which are offered EVERYDAY!!!) if you are in need (keep this in mind because all of 0 of my students attended TAKS tutorials which were also offered everyday).

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