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Friday, April 13, 2012


To my students who will be taking the Social Studies TAKS exam on April 27, 2012: I will be offering tutorials everyday at lunch (in room #319 or #329 - I will have a sign on my door) and after school (room #319) EVERYDAY for the rest of the semester (after the TAKS exam this will be Finals tutorials). You need to be prompt (or RSVP a time with me) especially after school (if no one comes by 3:45 I will going off to do my work). Please take advantage of this if you are in need. I have given you two great resources so far for this exam (the TAKS Topics Review and the 2003 TAKS exam) and will be giving you two more old TAKS exams (2006 and 2009). This is a very good set of resources for you to work on that will truly have you prepared for the exam. While we will work some of this on class, it is up to you to get the bulk of the work done on your own. This is on you! If you do 20-30 mins of work a night on this stuff, you will be good to go ASAP! Do great work and you will get GREAT results!!! The key is to look for the clue and be able to point at it (and then find the answer that fits with it). If you find the clue, highlight or underline it, you will have a high chance of finding the correct answer!

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