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Saturday, April 21, 2012

TAKS Reminders for Week of April 24-27, 2012

This is the big reminder (more hints and info to come):
1. Testing is Tuesday-Friday (11th graders will be Wednesday-Friday)
2. Social Studies TAKS is Friday
3. Make sure you have regular #2 pencils (these tests do not like mechanical pencils)
4. Go over the practice packets (the more you work on the better you'll be prepared)
5. Ask questions if you have any (my email is if you have questions when I'm not around)
6. Get good sleep (this is not the week to party)
7. Think positive (a good attitude will get you far)
8. Be prepared to read EVERY word of EVERY question (people do poorly on TAKS when they do not do what is on the page - do not assume - do whatever the question says)
9. Do a little work EVERYDAY (20-30 mins of reading or working on problems will give you AMAZING results)
More to come but if you follow this, you will have a great start on doing great on your exams!!!

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