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Saturday, April 28, 2012

FINALS Tutorials for ALL Students

I am offering FINALS TUTORIALS to ALL of my students (US HISTORY AND ECONOMICS) EVERYDAY for the remainder of the semester at lunch (room #329) and after school (room #319). I will be offering EXTRA CREDIT to anyone who attends (it is up to you to come) which can be used to replace grades from this 6-weeks or gain a few points towards the Final (both great prizes for just a little of your time that can help you greatly). I will make this announcement this week but then it is on you to attend. I will not beg anyone on this. IT IS UP TO YOU!!! Please take advantage of this great deal!!! It is the best offer of EXTRA CREDIT of the year (and will be the only extra credit offered for the remainder of the school year)!!! Hopefully see you at tutorials!

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