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Saturday, April 28, 2012

FINALS Tutorials for ALL Students

I am offering FINALS TUTORIALS to ALL of my students (US HISTORY AND ECONOMICS) EVERYDAY for the remainder of the semester at lunch (room #329) and after school (room #319). I will be offering EXTRA CREDIT to anyone who attends (it is up to you to come) which can be used to replace grades from this 6-weeks or gain a few points towards the Final (both great prizes for just a little of your time that can help you greatly). I will make this announcement this week but then it is on you to attend. I will not beg anyone on this. IT IS UP TO YOU!!! Please take advantage of this great deal!!! It is the best offer of EXTRA CREDIT of the year (and will be the only extra credit offered for the remainder of the school year)!!! Hopefully see you at tutorials!

US HIST: Written Final - May 2, 2012

The written portion of our FINAL will be on May 2, 2012. Make sure that you are working on your outlines (which you can bring with you on the 2nd and will be due for what should be a hopefully easy A as well) and show them to me so that I can make sure that you are good to go! We are knocking things out fast and furious so 1. make sure you are good to go and 2. come to me if you need any help or assistance with anything! I am always around to help you if needed (come by or schedule a time with me).

Don't Forget: More STAAR Testing Coming

While this test is not for you, there will be late starts on May 8-10, 2012. We will still be doing things in class so do not procrastinate on anything or come to class thinking that we will not be doing any work. I know these days are getting complicated but please continue to do good work! You're almost done!

ECON: Week of April 30-May 4, 2012

We are now hitting the home stretch! Woohoo! In class, we will continue to be going over big economics in life and in the news and will start FINALS REVIEW. EVERY student will participate in REVIEW (it will be the final grade of the 6-weeks) even if you will be EXEMPT from the Final. I would love to exempt you, but make sure that you are giving me every reason to. Being late to class, unexcused absences, talking when I'm talking, not turning in assignments on time (or at all), basically not coming to class good to go will result in you not being exempt! Once again, I want to exempt you - so please do not give me any reason not to!!! You will get the big part of the Finals Review this week and the last part next week (this week's portion will be about what's in the textbook and next week's will be about economics in the news). EVERYDAY you need your textbook, a pen, and paper. Failure to come to class with the needed supplies will hurt the daily grades that will be given (bring what you need and you get an easy A, come unprepared and you will have a lot more to do with a lot lower grade). Once again, this will be an easy end to this year as long as you do not PROCRASTINATE and have the dreaded SENIORITIS! Be good to go. I am rooting for you!

US HIST: Week of April 30-May 4, 2012

Well last week was certainly interesting with the TAKS test taking up almost the entire week! I hope that EVERYONE did well and now we will turn our attention to finishing the book (Chapters 26-27) and starting our review for the FINAL. On Wednesday May 2, 2012 we will have our WRITTEN FINAL. Make sure that you show me your OUTLINE before then (so I can make sure that you are good to go). Make sure that ALL work has been turned in to me (the vast majority turned in the Chapter 25 take home exam and the TAKS reviews - but for those who didn't - get them to me ASAP - some points are better than no points on grades that were supposed to be easy AND worth a lot). You will get your Finals Review Packets next week. Make sure you have paper and a pen (for the last notes that we will be taking over the next week or so). We are starting to hit the home stretch, so make sure that you are good to go! Please make sure that you attend lunch or after school tutorials (which are offered EVERYDAY!!!) if you are in need (keep this in mind because all of 0 of my students attended TAKS tutorials which were also offered everyday).

Thursday, April 26, 2012

To my Students Taking Social Studies TAKS Tomorrow

Your teacher wishes you the best of luck! I know you will do well and make everyone, including myself, proud! Get a good night sleep and see you manana!

Monday, April 23, 2012

US History: When Things Are Due This Week...

Chapter 25 Take Home Exam:
Periods 3 and 7: April 26, 2012 (at the beginning of class)
Period 2 and 4: April 25, 2012 (at the beginning of class)

TAKS Practice Packets:

Periods 3 and 7: April 26, 2012 (at the beginning of class)
Period 2 and 4: April 27, 2012 (at the beginning of class)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Class Shirts...

For anyone who has not purchased a class shirt, I have some left if you would like one. Please come see me as soon as you can (lunch in room #329, after school in room #319, or in class). If for $ is an issue for any reason, please come meet with me because I am always willing to compromise if you would like one. I would like as many of my students to have one (assuming you want one) as possible. Thanks again to those who have already gotten one and I hope that anyone else who would like one comes and talks to me soon!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

TAKS Reminders for Week of April 24-27, 2012

This is the big reminder (more hints and info to come):
1. Testing is Tuesday-Friday (11th graders will be Wednesday-Friday)
2. Social Studies TAKS is Friday
3. Make sure you have regular #2 pencils (these tests do not like mechanical pencils)
4. Go over the practice packets (the more you work on the better you'll be prepared)
5. Ask questions if you have any (my email is if you have questions when I'm not around)
6. Get good sleep (this is not the week to party)
7. Think positive (a good attitude will get you far)
8. Be prepared to read EVERY word of EVERY question (people do poorly on TAKS when they do not do what is on the page - do not assume - do whatever the question says)
9. Do a little work EVERYDAY (20-30 mins of reading or working on problems will give you AMAZING results)
More to come but if you follow this, you will have a great start on doing great on your exams!!!

EXTRA CREDIT Opportunity...

US History: On a piece of paper write your NAME, DATE, PERIOD, title it EXTRA CREDIT, and write a paragraph about why you think you will do well on the TAKS exams this week. Do you have any other work to do to be able to do well? Are you worried or excited? Anything you want to write about your thoughts and feeling on the TAKS Exam. For +5 on Monday's Chapter 25 Quiz. Due by Monday April 23, 2012.

Economics: On a piece of paper write your NAME, DATE, PERIOD, title it EXTRA CREDIT, and write a paragraph reflecting on the previous standardized exams you have taken (since you do not have to take them anymore). Did you do well? Were you worried? How did you prepare? Anything you want to discuss on this topic is more than welcome. For a replacement 100 on any assignment you wish to replace. Due by Monday April 23, 2012.

US HIST: Week of April 23-27, 2012

Its finally time: TAKS week is here. I will discuss more about testing in a post that will be above this. As far as US History goes here is our week: Monday - Chapter 25 Quiz (bring your textbook and you will be happy), Tuesday - we will start our final two chapters (26-27), Wednesday-Thursday - we will go over TAKS stuff to ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to do amazing on TAKS, and Friday we will have one day of relaxation after all of your testing (we will view and discuss something fun). I know that this will be a long week, that will be exacerbated by the short after testing schedule, but please come to class good to go. We do have to continue to move forward as FINALS are a month a way. Do not forget that the 3 TAKS practice packets are due Thursday and that you need to show me a draft of your outline for the written portion of the finals (May 1, 2012) before then. Do not hurt your grades by procrastinating on these (they are supposed to be easy completion grades). Make sure you get good rest and sharpen your #2 pencils!
Thanks again to all those who purchased class shirts! I hope that you enjoy and I thank you for indulging me on this (I have accomplished a big dream with all of you). If you would like one (I will be writing a post about this soon), please let me know - I have a few left and would love for everyone to have one! Let me know.

ECON: Week of April 23-27, 2012

This will be an interesting week with Tuesday-Friday being consumed with the 10th and 11th graders taking their TAKS exams each morning. Starting Tuesday, there will be late start for all of those who are not taking TAKS. As told in class, we still have work to do. 1st, make sure ALL work that should be turned in by now, is turned in (once again too much work is missing). 2nd, make sure you bring paper, a pen, and your textbook EVERYDAY because we are going to simultaneously continue to learn some new things and start to prepare for FINALS (everyone will prepare - no guarantees on EXEMPTIONS until its time for finals - you must keeping working if you want to be exempted). Your teacher would like to exempt you - please give him every reason to! We will do a little book work, watch more videos on current topics and businesses, and discuss many things. This will be a weird week because of the schedule. Come to class ready to work and ALL will be good!
Thanks to all that bought class shirts! I hope you enjoy them and I had a good time getting them done!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Monday (April 16, 2012) is the final day to give me class shirt $. If I do not have $ from you I cannot give you one. There's 20-30 people who request one and have not given me the $12 yet. Please have this by Monday because I want to make sure that the people who wanted one get one. Thanks to all of those who participated!!! While stressful, this was a lot of fun!


To my students who will be taking the Social Studies TAKS exam on April 27, 2012: I will be offering tutorials everyday at lunch (in room #319 or #329 - I will have a sign on my door) and after school (room #319) EVERYDAY for the rest of the semester (after the TAKS exam this will be Finals tutorials). You need to be prompt (or RSVP a time with me) especially after school (if no one comes by 3:45 I will going off to do my work). Please take advantage of this if you are in need. I have given you two great resources so far for this exam (the TAKS Topics Review and the 2003 TAKS exam) and will be giving you two more old TAKS exams (2006 and 2009). This is a very good set of resources for you to work on that will truly have you prepared for the exam. While we will work some of this on class, it is up to you to get the bulk of the work done on your own. This is on you! If you do 20-30 mins of work a night on this stuff, you will be good to go ASAP! Do great work and you will get GREAT results!!! The key is to look for the clue and be able to point at it (and then find the answer that fits with it). If you find the clue, highlight or underline it, you will have a high chance of finding the correct answer!

US HIST: Work for the Week of April 16-20, 2012

This week we will continue, and end, Chapter 25, move onto Chapter 26, and work on TAKS preparedness throughout (Social Studies TAKS is on Friday April 27, 2012). You will need pen and paper EVERYDAY and you will now you need your TEXTBOOK EVERYDAY as well. There are several people who owe me work, make sure that you are not procrastinating on handing in your work. By the end of next week the bulk of the grades will be taken (to avoid making you crazy during the many testing days that are coming up - you're welcome). If you ever need any help, I can always be reached by email ( - I know you know, but just in case. Keep working hard! I have so many students doing grrreat work (with some others hopefully coming around soon)! Be ready for lots of good times in US HISTORY! P.S. Do not forget that Wednesday is an Early Dismissal day!

ECON: Work for the Week of April 16-20, 2012

5-weeks to go! Time is flying by! This week we will be finishing our stock projects and discussing much in the world of stocks, as well as finishing working on our knowledge of bank accounts and credit cards. Make sure that ALL of your work is turned in because there are several people who owe me work. Do not fall behind in the final 6-weeks of your college career!!! Get ready for another good week of work, you need a pen and paper every day. P.S. Do not forget that Wednesday is an Early Dismissal day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

US HIST: Tuesday April 10, 2012

Do not forget your textbooks today!!! They will come in very handy. And do not forget shirt $ is due by Friday.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Extra Credit Opportunity...

This is for ALL of my classes: For a +5 points on a TEST/QUIZ pass, on a piece of paper write your NAME, DATE, PERIOD, title it EXTRA Credit - 6 Weeks to Go, and write a quick paragraph about what your goals are for yourself in my class for the final 6-weeks that we have left in the school year. Here are some prompts: What do you want your final grade to be and how are you going to achieve it? How are you going to prepare for TAKS and FINALS? Hand them to me in class, you have to remember this part, I will not ask for them. This is due Tuesday April 10, 2012.

US HIST: Work for the Week of April 9-13, 2012

This week we will be working on Chapter 25 (From Nixon to Carter) Wednesday thru Friday (Report Card Day), finish our last unit with a QUIZ over Chapters 23-24 (if you bring your book you can use) and as always do little things to help prepare for TAKS. This is the start of our final 6-weeks of the school year, so let's make sure that we all get off to a good start. The bulk of the grading will take place over the next couple of weeks before testing makes our schedules get a little crazy. You will need your textbook most days. Many people have done great work! Continue to work hard, you don't have long to go! P.S. If you wanted a class shirt, I need the $ by the 13th (Friday) please. Remember that Friday there will be the ADVO schedule because Report Cards are getting handed out. Rest up over this 3 day weekend - 6 more weeks to go!

ECON: Work for the Week of April 9-13, 2012

This week in ECON we will continue to learn about economic principles, check our stocks, and look at the big economic news in America and abroad. Most of the grading for the final, yes final, 6-weeks will come over the next two weeks (before testing really gets into full swing). You do not have long to go. Do not fall behind or it really will be hard to catch up because EVERYONE, including yourself, will be really busy! 6-weeks to go! Wow! This has been fun! P.S. If you wanted a shirt, I need the $ by the 13th please (I think they look great!!!).

Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm working on finishing up the order on the shirts. For those who ordered one, thank you, they're $12. I will start collecting the $ tomorrow. Please bring it to me as soon as you can (Friday). If you need an extension, just please let me know - no worries, I would like you to have your shirt! Once again thanks to all those that participated!