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Saturday, March 3, 2012

US HIST: The School Week Before Spring Break!!!

Well... here we are: the week before Spring Break! Wow does the time move quick!!! The big day of the week is Wednesday where students will take the English/Language Arts (ELA) TAKS from 8am-noon. Make sure you are rested and are going over any work that will help you with this standardized test! I wish you the best of luck and I hope I get to hear lots of great results!!!
In class, (Monday) we will go over the Chapter 21 handouts we have been working on (these will really help prepare you, skills wise, for the TAKS exam on Wednesday!!!), take a Chapter 21 Quiz (Tuesday) and work on Chapters 22-23 (Thursday and Friday). I know you are busy and stressed a little, but continue to work hard! So many of my students are doing such great work (keep it up - not much longer until a nice break)! Please check your GRADESPEED when you have a chance - there are some who are missing assignments and I don't want anyone to go in to Spring Break worrying about failing!!!
P.S. US HIST: If you would like extra credit on Tuesday's Chapter 21 QUIZ, here you go: On a piece of paper, write your NAME, DATE, AND PERIOD, title it Chapter 21 Extra Credit, and write about something that you learned in Chapter 21 and its importance (in a paragraph). This will be for a FREE 100 on the classwork of your choosing (good extra credit for good work that will help towards your TAKS exam) and is due by Tuesday March 6, 2012.

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