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Saturday, March 17, 2012

ECON: Week of March 19-23, 2012

First, I hope my seniors had a great Spring Break (you're last as BHS students)! I hope you had some fun and got lots of rest! This week we will be starting our next unit on Market Structures (Ch. 7), Employment-Labor-and Wages (Ch. 8), Sources of Government Revenue (Ch. 9), and Government Spending (Ch. 10). We will also really focus on our stocks and do some work so you better know your stock and understand why your stock is where it is today from where it was when we started. ***Please note that Tuesday could be a little interesting as I have to proctor the SATs to my juniors and might not be there. I'll let you know Monday what we will be doing.*** We are going to be doing lots of work and taking notes, please bring paper, a pen, and yourself to class everyday. We have some really good work coming up that will help you continue to help you understand how to be a successful adult, at least in terms of Economics! Please be prepared and get ready for some good learning!

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