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Saturday, March 3, 2012

ECON: The School Week Before Spring Break!!!

Spring Break eve is what this week is called in ECON. In class we will be working on The Economics of Social Networking and Moneyball and our stock projects. The Chapters 4-6 TEST is on Tuesday. There will be grades taken with each thing that we do, so please do not procrastinate. I will also name the first set of people who qualify for FINALS EXEMPTION (these will be the people who if they continue what they have done will be exempt from the final). The list is on the small end (5 out of 37), so make sure you are doing ALL THAT YOU CAN DO to be exempt. Attendance, conduct, and grade are the factors that go into consideration.
Too much work is currently missing (please check your GRADESPEED). I know you are busy, but half the class did not turn in a project (major grade) and/or did not turn in the book work. Procrastination is destroying people's grades so... if you owe me work: turn it in ASAP for some points which is better than the no points!!! This class has been very generous with the due dates on EVERY assignment and everyone needs to make sure that ALL work is submitted in a timely manner. I respect your time, please respect mine.
Extra Credit: On a piece of paper write your NAME, DATE, 5th PERIOD, title it ECON Extra Credit and discuss, in a paragraph or two, the importance of Supply, Demand, and Pricing, and how each affects the other. Due by Tuesday March 6, 2012.

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