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Saturday, February 18, 2012

US HIST: Work for the Week of Feb 20-24, 2012

This week will take our Chapter 19 QUIZ (Tues Feb 21, 2012), work on Chapter 21, and begin our review for our Chapters 20-21 TEST (Tues Feb 28, 2012). This week marks the 1st week of the 5th 6-Weeks of our school year (our time is flying by). EVERYDAY you will need a pen, paper, textbook, and a pencil on Tuesday (SCANTRON QUIZ). Chapter 19 Study Guide is due Tues Feb 21, 2012 (do not forget it).
We will finish Chapter 21 by Friday, with the next Monday (Feb 27, 2012) being make sure ALL WORK IS COMPLETED DAY and working on our Chapter 20-21 TEST STUDY GUIDE (which will be due Tues Feb 28, 2012). Following the 20-21 TEST we will do a short in class project and discuss the ALL CLASS US HIST shirts that I have wanted to do since day 1 (its finally time). Make sure you are all caught up and good to go!

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