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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Monday Feb 13, 2012...

I will not be at school on Monday Feb 13, 2012 because I have jury duty. Hopefully, this will be the only day that I miss. No matter how long I am gone, things will not change in class .
ECON: On Monday, you will be working on the STUDY GUIDES that I gave you on Friday. Work quick and make sure everyone gets all of the answers. Ch. 3 QUIZ will be on Tuesday, whether if I am in class or not. Please be prepared. Don't forget about your apartments.
US HISTORY: You will be in the library registering for your SATs. Thanks to everyone who created their accounts beforehand (you should have a nice easy day on Monday - don't forget your login info). Any Ch. 19 work that has not been turned in is due Tuesday (don't forget).
Be the wonderful people you always are and be nice to the sub (trust me, as a former sub, their jobs are hard and the pay not great)! There might be a prize if I get a good report. Thanks for your understanding and help! I will miss you all (even the ones who love to drive me crazy)! Have fun!

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