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Saturday, February 18, 2012

ECON: Project To Do List (IF NEEDED)

Since many of you will be living on your own, or with roommates, this project is intended to help you find all of the costs that you will accumulate while renting an apartment. You are to imagine that you have been accepted to the University of Houston (UH) and need to find a place to live: apartment, house, or dorm.
·         Decide whether you are living on your own or with roommates
·         Pick a an apartment in Houston, TX (research the internet) and figure out your rent
·         Decide how you will move in (own your own or with movers) and its cost
·         Decide what utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc) will be needed and their cost (research the internet)
·         Decide what you will furnish (bed, couch(es), chair(s), etc) your apartment with and their cost
·         Decide the electronics (TV, radio, computer, etc) you will need and their cost
·         Decide what dishes, utensils, and toiletries you will need and their cost
·         Tally up everything and include the grand total for what you’re apartment will cost
·         Explain, each in a sentence or two, why you picked the things that you selected
·         Explain, in a paragraph, why you selected to live where you selected to live
Your grade, or your group’s grade, will be determined on your completion of the above.
You will need to:
·         Answer each of the prompts above
·         Include all calculations
·         Type (no handwritten submissions)
·         Include as many pictures/visuals as possible
·         Include as many places that you will purchase from as possible
·         Make sure pages are stapled or put in a folder to present
·         I can only guarantee that we will go the library as a class once
·         If you work in a group, every group member must contribute or risk a 0
·         No set amount of page #s, but this project must be fully complete and MUST BE TYPED!! The more that you visualize this project, the better that it will be!!!

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