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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

After School Movie Extra Credit Opportunity 3/1/2012

The first 40 mins or so (1st half) of the film The Social Network for +3 extra credit on a test will be shown. I will let you know the room # in class (ask if I somehow don't mention).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog Extra Credit...

US HISTORY (Due by Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 for +3 on Tuesday's 19/20 Book work QUIZ): On a piece of paper write your NAME, DATE, and PERIOD and title it 19/20 EXTRA CREDIT. Write a short paragraph on what you think the most important aspect of what we have learned in Chapters 19-20 and its importance. I will not ask for this, it is up to you to get it to me.

ECON (Due by Thursday March 1, 2012 for +5 on next Tuesday's, March 6, 2012, TEST): On a piece of paper write your NAME, DATE, and PERIOD and title it 4-6 EXTRA CREDIT. In a paragraph, tell me the most important thing you learned from the chapters and its importance OR tell me about your experience with the apartment project (ie what did you learn about prices, do you only like expensive things, can you currently afford to move out on your own, etc). I will not ask for this, it is up to you to get it to me.

***There will be an extra credit after school movie offered this week and next week (the week after is Spring Break). Ask me the time and place if you would like to receive extra credit and enjoy a good movie!***

Saturday, February 25, 2012

US HIST: Work for the Week of Feb 27-March 2, 2012

We will finish Chapters 19-20 worksheets and take a quiz on them (Monday-Tuesday; for P. 7 - Wednesday - because of the Program we are going to see). We will then really get into the meat of Chapter 21. We will do some reading, some writing, look at a PowerPoint, see some clips, and continue to do good work. If you owe me any work (and there are a few people who do), please get it to me ASAP! I have some wholes in the grade book that I would like filled with a better grade than a 0. Remember, the more work you do in class, the less you'll have to do at home! Remember, I'm always around if needed. Please let me know if you need ANY level of assistance. I'm always happy to help! Let's get a lot of good work done during these 2 weeks before Spring Break!

ECON: Work for the Week of Feb 27-March 2, 2012

This week should hopefully be good. Apartment Projects will be turned in and presented (I cannot wait to see!) on Monday-Tuesday (Wednesday if needed). We will check how our stocks are doing and start to really discuss why we are seeing what we are seeing. We will continue to work on Chapters 4 (Demand), 5 (Supply), and 6 (Pricing) and the test over this material will be on Tuesday March 6, 2012 (the week before Spring Break). There will be no new project this week, so make sure you have completed everything that needs to be finished! We need to ALL make sure that we are good to go before Spring Break hits in 2 weeks! Also, be prepared to read and/or watch the news for economics making headlines (we will discuss).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Helpful Thoughts to Keep in Mind 2/24/2012

Do not forget your books for the upcoming book checks. It is by far the easiest grade offered and I hope that no one misses out (if you are absent book check will be the day that you come back). To my US HIST: we will be working on worksheets tomorrow (extra bonus for those who bring there books - they will massively help you on the work sheets!!!). ECON: we will check stocks, work on the book work, work on apartment projects, and discuss all that is our economics class. I am excited to see your projects! P.S. If you want to attempt to design the class shirt (we are going to really do this if the interest is there) I will award extra credit to participants and a massive prize to the winner! Let me know ASAP!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Extra Credit Opportunity...

US HISTORY EXTRA CREDIT: On a piece of paper, write your NAME, YOUR PERIOD, and write a couple of sentences about something that you learned from CH. 19 and its importance for +3 on the Chapter 19 QUIZ. Due Monday Feb 20, 2012. I will not ask about this, it is up to you to get this turned in.
ECON EXTRA CREDIT: On a piece of paper, write your NAME, 5th PERIOD ECON, and write about something that you learned from CH. 4 and its importance for +3 on next Tuesday's CHs 4-5 TEST. Due Monday Feb 20, 2012. I will not ask about this, it is up to you to get this turned in.

ECON: Work for the Week of Feb 20-24, 2012

MONDAY: Feb 20, 2012 -
REVIEWING THE FACTS (#s 1-6) pg. 110
1. Describe a demand schedule and a demand curve. How are they alike?
2. Explain how the principle of diminishing marginal utility is related to the downward-sloping demand curve.
3. Describe the difference between the income effect and the substitution effect.
4. Identify the 5 factors that can cause a change in market demand.
5. Describe the difference between elastic demand and inelastic demand.
6. Explain how the total expenditures test can be used to determine demand elasticity.
CHAPTER 4-6 TEST: Feb 28, 2012
The rest of the week we will be checking our stocks, going over Chapters 5-6, then working on TEST PREP, and will continue to work on our projects. This week will be the first week of the 5th 6-Weeks! 12 weeks (plus Spring Break) left! Do great work!!!
**Online Link to ECON definitions (for those who hate carrying their not heavy textbook)

ECON: Last Week's Work (Feb 15-17, 2012) IF NEEDED

ECON: Period 5
Work on apartment project (HW).
2. KEY TERMS – Define: Demand, Microeconomics, Demand Schedule, Demand Curve, Law of Demand, Market Demand Curve, Marginal Utility, Diminishing Marginal Utility
3. DESCRIBE the relationship between the demand schedule and demand curve.
4. DESCRIBE how the slope of the demand curve can be explained by the principle of diminishing marginal utility.
2. KEY TERMS – Define: Change in Quantity Demanded, Income Effect, Substitution Effect, Change in Demand, Substitutes, Complements.
3. DESCRIBE the difference between a change in quantity demanded and a change in demand.
4. EXPLAIN how a change in price affects the demand for a product’s substitute(s).
2. KEY TERMS - Define: Elasticity, Demand Elasticity, Elastic, Inelastic, Unit Elastic.
3. DESCRIBE the 3 determinants of demand elasticity.
4. EXPLAIN why the demand for insulin is inelastic.
5. EXPLAIN why an item that has many close substitutes tends to have an elastic demand?

ECON: Project To Do List (IF NEEDED)

Since many of you will be living on your own, or with roommates, this project is intended to help you find all of the costs that you will accumulate while renting an apartment. You are to imagine that you have been accepted to the University of Houston (UH) and need to find a place to live: apartment, house, or dorm.
·         Decide whether you are living on your own or with roommates
·         Pick a an apartment in Houston, TX (research the internet) and figure out your rent
·         Decide how you will move in (own your own or with movers) and its cost
·         Decide what utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc) will be needed and their cost (research the internet)
·         Decide what you will furnish (bed, couch(es), chair(s), etc) your apartment with and their cost
·         Decide the electronics (TV, radio, computer, etc) you will need and their cost
·         Decide what dishes, utensils, and toiletries you will need and their cost
·         Tally up everything and include the grand total for what you’re apartment will cost
·         Explain, each in a sentence or two, why you picked the things that you selected
·         Explain, in a paragraph, why you selected to live where you selected to live
Your grade, or your group’s grade, will be determined on your completion of the above.
You will need to:
·         Answer each of the prompts above
·         Include all calculations
·         Type (no handwritten submissions)
·         Include as many pictures/visuals as possible
·         Include as many places that you will purchase from as possible
·         Make sure pages are stapled or put in a folder to present
·         I can only guarantee that we will go the library as a class once
·         If you work in a group, every group member must contribute or risk a 0
·         No set amount of page #s, but this project must be fully complete and MUST BE TYPED!! The more that you visualize this project, the better that it will be!!!

US HIST: Work for the Week of Feb 20-24, 2012

This week will take our Chapter 19 QUIZ (Tues Feb 21, 2012), work on Chapter 21, and begin our review for our Chapters 20-21 TEST (Tues Feb 28, 2012). This week marks the 1st week of the 5th 6-Weeks of our school year (our time is flying by). EVERYDAY you will need a pen, paper, textbook, and a pencil on Tuesday (SCANTRON QUIZ). Chapter 19 Study Guide is due Tues Feb 21, 2012 (do not forget it).
We will finish Chapter 21 by Friday, with the next Monday (Feb 27, 2012) being make sure ALL WORK IS COMPLETED DAY and working on our Chapter 20-21 TEST STUDY GUIDE (which will be due Tues Feb 28, 2012). Following the 20-21 TEST we will do a short in class project and discuss the ALL CLASS US HIST shirts that I have wanted to do since day 1 (its finally time). Make sure you are all caught up and good to go!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

ECON: Friday Feb 17, 2012

We will be in the library tomorrow to check stocks and work on projects. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Monday Feb 13, 2012...

I will not be at school on Monday Feb 13, 2012 because I have jury duty. Hopefully, this will be the only day that I miss. No matter how long I am gone, things will not change in class .
ECON: On Monday, you will be working on the STUDY GUIDES that I gave you on Friday. Work quick and make sure everyone gets all of the answers. Ch. 3 QUIZ will be on Tuesday, whether if I am in class or not. Please be prepared. Don't forget about your apartments.
US HISTORY: You will be in the library registering for your SATs. Thanks to everyone who created their accounts beforehand (you should have a nice easy day on Monday - don't forget your login info). Any Ch. 19 work that has not been turned in is due Tuesday (don't forget).
Be the wonderful people you always are and be nice to the sub (trust me, as a former sub, their jobs are hard and the pay not great)! There might be a prize if I get a good report. Thanks for your understanding and help! I will miss you all (even the ones who love to drive me crazy)! Have fun!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Predictions Competition

Any SUPERBOWL predictions? Mine is Giants 38 Pats 27. I'm very excited!!! Send in your predictions. If you come the closest, there will be a great prize!

P.S. This is my 100th blog entry. Woohoo!

ECON: Week of Feb 6-10, 2012

MONDAY: Check Stocks; What's Going on in the Economy; Test Prep
TUESDAY: TEST - Chs. 1-2; Continue Moneyball (if time permits)
WEDNESDAY: Ch. 3; Apartment Project
THURSDAY: Ch. 3; Apartment Project
FRIDAY: Ch. 3; Apartment Project; Check Stocks; Project Check (for grade)

US HIST: Week of Feb 6-10, 2012

MONDAY: Test Prep; Group-Teach Study Guide to Class; Finish Study Guides
TUESDAY: TEST: Chs. 17-18 WW2; Study Guides due; Continue Saving Private Ryan (if time permits)
WEDNESDAY: Ch. 19 - Sections 1-2
THURSDAY: Ch. 19 - Sections 2-3
FRIDAY: Ch. 19 - Section 4; Continue/Finish Saving Private Ryan (if time permits)