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Sunday, January 1, 2012

US HIST: Week of Jan 3, 2012

Welcome to our Spring Semester of US History! We are going to pick up where we left off last semester. We are going to go start with the information that we did not get to in chapters 13-14 (there will be a short review quiz on the second day of classes). The bulk of the work this semester will be reading the chapters, doing the Understanding Main Ideas and Reviewing the Themes at the end of each chapter, Graphic Organizers, vocabulary, a couple of projects, quizzes, and tests. You need your textbook EVERYDAY! I will be looking for books on Wednesday (the first grade of the 6-weeks is a book check). Please know that your teacher is very excited and has planned lots of great things for you! Remember to work hard, come to class prepared, read the text and any handouts, and study the material and you will be successful this semester! There will be lots of work, but if you work with me and do not procrastinate, you will not be overloaded and will accomplish great things! Welcome back!

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