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Saturday, January 21, 2012

US HIST: Week of Jan. 23-27, 2012

MONDAY: Ch. 16 End of Ch. Review- UMIs #s1-5; RTT #s 1-3; HW: Study for Ch. 16 Quiz
TUESDAY: Ch. 16 Quiz; Pass out NOTES pages for Chs. 17-18; HW: Read Ch. 17 Sect. 1; Bring Book
WEDNESDAY: Ch. 17; Work on Ch. Notes; Graphic Org; Start WW2 Project; HW: Read Ch. 17 Sect. 1-2; Bring Book; Project
THURSDAY: Binder/Folder Check (For Full Credit); Ch. 17 Notes; Graphic Org; Project; HW: Read Ch. 17 Sect. 3; Project; Bring Book
FRIDAY: Binder/Folder Check (For 1/2 credit if you didn't have it Tues); Ch. 17; Notes; Graphic Org; HW: Read Sect. 4 (make sure entire Ch. is read by class Monday - Ch. Review will be on Mon); Project

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