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Saturday, January 7, 2012

ECON: Week of Jan. 9-13, 2012

MONDAY: Finish (if needed) Goal Setting Project and turn in; Check Stocks; Discuss Stocks; Get Stock Tips/ECON Vocab packet
TUESDAY: Presentation in the Auditorium (see blog post below)
WEDNESDAY: Open A Restaurant Project; Start Ch. 1; HW - Read Ch. 1 Section 1; Half-day Schedule
THURSDAY: Open A Restaurant Project; Ch. 1 Vocabulary; HW - Finish Vocab and Read Section 2
FRIDAY: Open A Restaurant Project; Section 2; Check Stocks; HW - Read Section 3 and Do Chapter 1 Review: Pg. 28 - Identifying Key Terms (#s 1-10) and Reviewing the Facts (#s 1-12) (*Note - we will continue working on the project next week - do the chapter review first - if you have time work on the project. There will be class time permitted Monday through Wednesday of the next week to help you have enough time to finish).

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