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Saturday, January 28, 2012

ECON: Week of Jan 30-Feb 3, 2012

TUESDAY: Ch. 2; iPhone Article Continued...; Check Stocks
WEDNESDAY: Ch. 2; iPhone Article Continued...
THURSDAY: Ch. 2; Test Prep; Introduce New Project
FRIDAY: Ch. 1-2 TEST; Check Stocks; Binder Check
**NOTE: Check your GRADESPEED. Make sure all work is turned in!!!
Next week we will be working on our new project, checking stocks, and working on Ch. 3. Be prepared.

US HIST: Week of Jan 30-Feb 3, 2012

MONDAY: American Letters from Ch. 17 Section 3 (if not completed); Ch. 17 Sect. 4 - Warm Up, Graphic Org, Reading, Section Review; Binder Check
TUESDAY: Ch. 18 Sect. 1 - Warm Up, Graphic Org, Reading, Section Review
WEDNESDAY: Ch. 18 Sect. 2 - Warm Up, Graphic Org, Reading, Section Review
THURSDAY: Ch. 18 Sect. 3 - Warm Up, Graphic Org, Reading, Section Review
FRIDAY: Ch. 18 Sect. 4 - Warm Up, Graphic Org, Reading, Section Review
**NOTE: This is the 5th week of the 6-weeks. Make sure that you check your GRADESPEED and have all of your work turned in.
**Ch. 17-18 TEST: Will be on Tuesday Feb 7, 2012. Study Guides will be due right before the exam.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

US HIST: Week of Jan. 23-27, 2012

MONDAY: Ch. 16 End of Ch. Review- UMIs #s1-5; RTT #s 1-3; HW: Study for Ch. 16 Quiz
TUESDAY: Ch. 16 Quiz; Pass out NOTES pages for Chs. 17-18; HW: Read Ch. 17 Sect. 1; Bring Book
WEDNESDAY: Ch. 17; Work on Ch. Notes; Graphic Org; Start WW2 Project; HW: Read Ch. 17 Sect. 1-2; Bring Book; Project
THURSDAY: Binder/Folder Check (For Full Credit); Ch. 17 Notes; Graphic Org; Project; HW: Read Ch. 17 Sect. 3; Project; Bring Book
FRIDAY: Binder/Folder Check (For 1/2 credit if you didn't have it Tues); Ch. 17; Notes; Graphic Org; HW: Read Sect. 4 (make sure entire Ch. is read by class Monday - Ch. Review will be on Mon); Project

ECON: Week of Jan. 23-27, 2012

MONDAY: Stock Project; Restaurant Project; Ch. 1 Sect. 3; Ch. Review; HW: Get ready for Quiz
TUESDAY: Ch. 1 Quiz; Work on Restaurant Project in class (if time permits); HW: Work on Restaurant
WEDNESDAY: Ch. 2 Sect 1; Restaurant Project; HW: Work on Restaurant; make sure sect. 1-2 is read
THURSDAY: Ch. 2 Sect 2; Restaurant Project; HW: Work on Restaurant; Read Ch. 2 Sect. 3
FRIDAY: Restaurant Projects Due!!! Ch. 2 Sect 3; Restaurant Project; HW: Make sure chapter 2 is read and vocab is completed. End of Ch. 2 Review will be done on Monday. Ch. 1-2 TEST on Tuesday Jan 24, 2012.
Restaurant presentations will be on Monday-Tuesday (Jan 23-24, 2012), we will discuss in class. Ch. 3 and the next project will begin later next week.

Friday, January 20, 2012

After School Movies...

Due to poor attendance there will be no after school movies next week. I am sorry. Hopefully they will return soon. And a special thanks to those who attended, I hope that you enjoyed!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ECON: Tuesday and Wednesday, 17-18, 2012

I am going to tell you to look at this post (as promised you will find this blog useful to you). You are going to use this time to make sure your stock project is up to date AND to type out anything needed for your restaurant project. Do not waste your time. I am going to check your stock project AND restaurant project progress later in the week for grades, as well as a binder check. When we get back to class Thursday we are starting up Ch. 1 in full (do not forget your book). If you waste your time today and tomorrow your grade will be negatively affected. Please get as much done as you can. I'll post more if needed.
***Do Not Forget to Keep Your Voices As Quiet As Possible While We Are In The Library!!!***

Saturday, January 14, 2012

US HIST: Week of Jan 16-20, 2012

USH: (No school Monday); The New Deal: Ch. 16
TUESDAY: Jan 17, 2012; TEST: Chs. 14-15; Video (if time permits); HW: Read Ch. 16 Section 1
WEDNESDAY: Jan 18, 2012; 1920s-30s Main Ideas Graphic Orgs; New Deal Graphic Org; Ch. 16 Sect. 1; Graphic Org; HW: Read Ch. 16 Sec. 2
THURSDAY: Jan 19, 2012; Ch. 16 Sect. 1-2 – Discuss; Graphic Org and Vocab; Video; HW: Read Ch. 16 Sect. 3
FRIDAY: Jan 20, 2012; Ch. 16 Sect. 3 – Discuss; Graphic Org and Vocab; Video; HW: Read Ch. 16 Sect. 4
**If you want to get ahead complete the Ch. 16 End of Chapter Review Pg. 492: UMIs (#1-5) and RTTs (#1-3); Due Tuesday Jan 24, 2012 before the Ch. 16 Quiz**

ECON: Week of Jan 17-20, 2012

ECON: (No school Monday); Projects; Ch. 1
TUESDAY: Jan 17, 2012; Library – Work on Stock and Restaurant Projects; HW: Work on Projects
WEDNESDAY: Jan 18, 2012; Library – Work on Stock and Restaurant Projects; HW: Work on Projects
THURSDAY: Jan 19, 2012; Projects; Ch. 1 Vocab; HW: Make sure Ch. 1 is read; Work on Projects
FRIDAY: Jan 20, 2012; HW: Ch. 1 End of Ch. Review Pg. 28 Identifying Key Terms (#1-10) and Reviewing the Facts (#1-12); We will go over on Monday then turn in; Ch. 1 Quiz on Tuesday Jan. 24, 2012; Work on Projects

Extra Credit Opportunities...

ALL CLASSES: Write a quick paragraph on what you thought about the TEXANS/RAVENS game with your NAME and CLASS PERIOD and give it to me on Tuesday Jan 17, 2012 for a FREE ASSIGNMENT PASS (good for anything that's not a test, quiz, or project).
US HISTORY: Write any VOCABULARY term (just 1 - can be a person) with a definition from chapter 14 or 15 with your NAME and CLASS PERIOD and give it to me on Tuesday Jan 17, 2012 for a FREE ASSIGNMENT PASS (good for anything that's not a test, quiz, or project).
ECON: Write a quick paragraph about how your RESTAURANT PROJECT is going so far and what work you will be working on in the library on the 17-18th and include your NAME and PERIOD 5 for +5 on the Chapter 1 Quiz that will be on Tuesday Jan 24, 2012.
I will not ask about these! It is up to you to remember to give your extra credit to me at the beginning of class on Tuesday!

Extra Credit After School Movie Opportunity

This week's movie will be "Moneyball" starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. I will be showing the film after school Tuesday the 17th and Thursday the 19th in room #317 (Ms. Good's room). ECON class: this is a great film for you to see if you have not seen it (and even if you have) - I highly encourage you to come! Bring a friend, bring some food, and come enjoy a really great movie about two men who helped change how sports work! You can pick your prize for this one - a FREE ASSIGNMENT PASS or EXTRA POINTS ON A QUIZ/TEST.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

US HIST: Ch. 14-15 Test

Do not forget that the test will be on Tuesday January 17, 2012. We are discussing the material and preparing for the test the rest of the week. Also, do not forget that there is no school on Monday.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Stupid Weather!!!

Well this has been an interesting day with a/c and rain issues causing some problems. Your teacher is very understanding and will leave today (Monday) as a wash. Whatever you accomplished today (US HIST - getting the vocab and venn diagram and ECON - finishing up the goal setting project) is all good, no worries. Tomorrow, though, we start fresh and I expect you to be ready to work seeing as we had a not as productive day as we should have had. Rest up, stay dry, and have a good evening!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

ECON: Week of Jan. 9-13, 2012

MONDAY: Finish (if needed) Goal Setting Project and turn in; Check Stocks; Discuss Stocks; Get Stock Tips/ECON Vocab packet
TUESDAY: Presentation in the Auditorium (see blog post below)
WEDNESDAY: Open A Restaurant Project; Start Ch. 1; HW - Read Ch. 1 Section 1; Half-day Schedule
THURSDAY: Open A Restaurant Project; Ch. 1 Vocabulary; HW - Finish Vocab and Read Section 2
FRIDAY: Open A Restaurant Project; Section 2; Check Stocks; HW - Read Section 3 and Do Chapter 1 Review: Pg. 28 - Identifying Key Terms (#s 1-10) and Reviewing the Facts (#s 1-12) (*Note - we will continue working on the project next week - do the chapter review first - if you have time work on the project. There will be class time permitted Monday through Wednesday of the next week to help you have enough time to finish).

US HIST: Week of Jan. 9-13, 2012

MONDAY: Discuss Ch. 15 Section 2; Graphic Org; Vocab
TUESDAY: Ch. 15 Section 2 questions; Start Section 3 (Finish for homework)
WEDNESDAY: Discuss Ch. 15 Section 3; Graphic Org; Vocab; Half-day schedule
THURSDAY: Ch. 15 Understanding Main Ideas and Reviewing the Themes; Test Review; Video
FRIDAY: CH. 15 TEST; Turn in this week's classwork; Friday Culture Video (if time permits)
You need your textbook EVERY DAY except Friday.

ECON: Tuesday Jan 10, 2012

On Tuesday we will meet in the auditorium for a presentation by Ms. Rubin. Do not go to the classroom, go to the auditorium. All you need is yourself and a pen (just in case you need to write anything). Otherwise we will be in room #329 every other day.

Friday, January 6, 2012

After School Movie Extra Credit Opportunity

This week's after school movie for extra will be THOR and will be shown on Wednesday (Jan 11, 2012) and Thursday (Jan 12, 2012) in Ms. Good's room (#317). This will be for +3 extra credit on a test or quiz.

ECON: Weekend Homework

Finish the Goal Setting Project; find your Friday Stock quote (we can do this in class on Monday if there is an issue - but this will be the one and only time that I do it for you), and start working on your restaurant. I know this will seem like a lot at first, but just follow the directions and these assignments will go quicker than you think. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

US HIST: Weekend Homework

Read Chapter 15 Section 2 (and Section 1 if you haven't) this weekend. Our Chs. 14-15 test will be Friday January 13, 2012. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

To My 3rd Period US HISTORY Class

I'm assuming your schedules will reflect this, but just in case, I'm no longer in room #305 (Ms. Lawrence's), I'm now in Mr. Kelley's room (room #316 - to the left of Coach Proctor's room).

US HIST: Week of Jan 3, 2012

Welcome to our Spring Semester of US History! We are going to pick up where we left off last semester. We are going to go start with the information that we did not get to in chapters 13-14 (there will be a short review quiz on the second day of classes). The bulk of the work this semester will be reading the chapters, doing the Understanding Main Ideas and Reviewing the Themes at the end of each chapter, Graphic Organizers, vocabulary, a couple of projects, quizzes, and tests. You need your textbook EVERYDAY! I will be looking for books on Wednesday (the first grade of the 6-weeks is a book check). Please know that your teacher is very excited and has planned lots of great things for you! Remember to work hard, come to class prepared, read the text and any handouts, and study the material and you will be successful this semester! There will be lots of work, but if you work with me and do not procrastinate, you will not be overloaded and will accomplish great things! Welcome back!

ECON: Week of Jan 3, 2012

Welcome to Economics! Government was very interesting and now its time to switch things up! Our first week will include a see what you know quiz, starting two projects (stock buying and opening a restaurant), and starting chapter 1 in our textbook. You need to get your textbook ASAP! One of the first grades that I will take is a book check. I am extremely excited about this class! Economics is a great class to help start preparing to be an adult! Be prepared for a great semester!

Welcome... Back and to Our 2nd Semester!

We are all back Tuesday! We will hit the floor running and get some good work done! As was the case last semester, this class should be easy! The work is not hard. Pay attention, take good notes, come to class prepared, read the text and handouts, bring required materials, work hard, and do not procrastinate and you will have no problems (I know so many of you work extremely hard!!! - I just have to say it). I hope that all my classes find the material interesting! I have worked hard and prepared a lot of good things! I am very excited for our Spring Semester and I hope that you are too!